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Apprentice of the Year Awards

Scottish Building & Housing Apprentice of the Year 2022 

APSE are delighted to announce the winners of the APSE Scotland Building & Housing Apprentice Awards 2022. The Awards celebrate the hard work and exceptional accomplishments of apprentices in the housing and building sector. The competition this year was tough but after careful deliberation, the applicants listed below successfully made it to the final stage.

The winners were announced at the APSE Scotland Building and Housing Seminar in Glasgow, taking place on Thursday 17 to Friday 18 February 2022. More details about the event can be found here.

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The judges in the photos are: Vickie Hacking, APSE and David Richmond, AICO

Scottish Building & Housing Apprentice of the Year Awards was kindly sponsored by:


1st and 2nd Year Finalists

Calum Harrison – Plumber, Fife Council

Todd Arthur - Plasterer, Fife Council

Jamie Small - Joiner, North Ayrshire Council

Ewan McDicken - Joiner, South Ayrshire Council

Steven Nicol - Joiner, South Ayrshire Council

Marc Hunter - Plasterer, Stirling Council

Ryan McIlwraith - Floorlayer, Stirling Council

Winner: Calum Harrison – Plumber, Fife Council



3rd and 4th Year Finalists

John Roxburgh - Plumber, East Ayrshire Council

Blair Manderson – Electrician, Fife Council

Rian Richardson – Mechanical Engineer, Fife Council

Terry Grant – Plumber, North Ayrshire Council

Jordon Graham – Electrician, South Ayrshire Council

Puskar Bhandari – Heating Engineer, South Ayrshire Council

Jack Cook – Joiner, Stirling Council

Patrick McNally – Built Environment Apprentice, Stirling Council

Callum Sutherland – Electrician, West Lothian Council

Hannah Cockburn – Joiner, West Lothian Council

Jack McKeown – Plumber, West Lothian Council

Winner: Jack Cook – Joiner, Stirling Council



Margo Blair Innovation Award 2022

The Margo Blair Innovation Award was kindly sponsored by:


Fife Council

West Dunbartonshire Council

Winner: West Dunbartonshire Council




  • APSE Is a not-for-profit local government organisation working with over 300 councils across the UK.
  • For photographs of the finalists, please email Garry Lee at glee@apse.org.uk.

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