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Psychometric testing online event

Psychometric testing on-line is the new service offered by APSE - contact Fiona Sutton-Wilson for details of our next event.

What type of psychometric tests can I take at this event?

Psychometric tests to measure:

  • Personality, traits and behaviours

Please note - these tests have no right or wrong answers

Why use psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests can be used to enhance the quality and quantity of information available to you (e.g. recruitment and selection)

  • Tests of personality discover whether a candidate's character suits the profile of the position

How much will it cost?

All costs related to trainer time for administration, scoring, interpretation and feedback reflect the APSE standard public rate (pro rata) plus test fee.

Psychometric testing

APSE members rates: £129+ VAT per delegate per course (includes test fee)
Non members rates: £199+ VAT per delegate per course (includes test fee)

Do I have to attend a planned event to take the personality test?

No, you can take the test from any PC in your own time click here to book a distance test, contact Fiona Sutton-Wilson or telephone 0161 772 1810.

Who will conduct the tests?

The administration, scoring, interpretation and feedback from tests will be conducted by fully qualified staff from APSE. All tests will follow strict procedural guidelines and will be in accordance with APSE's policy on psychometric testing.

Click here to read APSE's policy on psychometric testing. 

Can psychometric tests help with other forms of development?

Yes. Testing can also be a vital link to management workshops or team building days particularly around:

  • Elected member development
  • Career progression

In feedback, test users are given guidance on their strengths, learning styles and areas for improvement.

These development workshops can show:

  • Who are the logical strategists?
  • Who are your Trouble-shooters?
  • Who are your Passionate Idealists?
  • Who are your Organisers and Doers?

Contact details

If you are interested in any aspect of testing please email Fiona Sutton-Wilson or telephone 0161 772 1810.

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