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Transport and Vehicle Maintenance

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Rob Bailey.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

TVM0208 - Use and Maintenance of Refuse Collection Compaction Vehicles - 07.05.18

A local authority is reviewing the use and workshop inspection
frequency of refuse collection compaction vehicles and would be
grateful for your input on the following two questions to help steer
their approach:

  1. Does your refuse collection compaction vehicles go onto ‘rough ground’ landfill sites to empty their loads?
  2. What is the actual workshop inspection frequency of your refuse collection compaction vehicles?


TVM0207 - Transport Budgeting - 07.05.18

A member authority is looking at how other members account for
transport expenditure

Do you:

  • Hold all transport maintenance finances for the authority?
  • Invoice service departments on every vehicle through the garage?
  • Sell you services outside the authority?
  • Make a surplus on works undertaken? Is the surplus set as a target?


TVM0206 - Transport Manager's JD/Pay/Responsibility - 30.04.18

Description:A member authority would like to receive the following information:

  • How do you ensure your Transport Manager is afforded the requisite ‘continuous and effective responsibility’? (required by Statutory Document No. 5 - Transport Managers - Version 5 issued September 2017 by the Traffic Senior Commissioner;)
  • What is the scope of responsibility of your Transport Manager? (i.e. is the role only responsible for fleet management and maintenance, or is it also responsible for other services e.g. Passenger Transport)
  • The Job Description/Person Specification for your Transport Manager?
  • Their salary band?


TVM0204 - Transport Budget surplus 2018/19 - 20.03.18

The member authority sets their transport section a target to make a
surplus over the financial year

  • Are you required to make a surplus?
  • What is your target for 2018/19?


TVM0203 - Home to School Transport Responsibilities -14.03.18

A member authority is seeking to amend its Home to School Transport Policy

A cohort of children attend an (alternative/special) academy for
primary and secondary pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental
Health difficulties.

They live within the distance criteria i.e. under 3 or 2 miles and do
not have a physical disability preventing them from being able to
walk to school.

The Authority currently provides a taxi service because the school
claim that they will not arrive at school if left to walk in themselves.

They wish to know the following:

Do you transport children to school via a taxi, under your Home to
School transport policy, who would most likely not arrive at school if
left to their own devices?

Who do you consider responsible:

  • Home to School transport to provide a taxi service to ensure attendance?
  • The parent/carer and school to ensure attendance themselves?

If you have a home to school policy document covering this
occurrence, please share it.


TVM0202 - Racking in Vans - 22.02.18

A member authority is reviewing the policy on racking systems
within their van fleet

Please can you supply the following information:

  • Do you allow drivers to rack out the vans themselves ?

- If so, what risk assessments have been undertaken in terms of rigidity and load bearing?

- If not, do you procure modular racking systems instead ?

  • Are periodic or spot checks undertaken on condition and use of the racking ?


TVM0201 - LGV fitters / mechanical fitters salary levels - 200218

A member authority would like to hear from others with details of
salary levels for LGV fitters / mechanical fitters.

Please provide details of job titles and salary ranges.


TVM0200 - Driver Collision Policy - 16.02.18

A member authority is considering the introduction of a points based
system for those employees involved in a motoring collision.

It is envisaged this runs alongside the disciplinary policy with any
action taken relating to the accumulated points, e.g. further training,
written warning.

  • Do you have a similar schemes in operation?
  • If so do you have a scale of points/associated action?

Copies of related disciplinary policy would be welcomed.


TVM0199 - Tyre Fitting - 08.02.18

A member authority is reviewing their Tyre fitting operation.

Please supply the following information:

  • Do you retain an internal tyre fitter and what are the cost / service benefits in doing so?
  • How many tyre fitters do you employ?
  • Do you have your own tyre stock and tyre bays to work in?
  • Do you have tyres contracts in place through formal frameworks?
  • What percentage of work is split own / external?


TVM0198 - Transport Workshop Operating hours - 31.01.18

A member authority is reviewing the operation of its Transport

They wish to determine when others operate their workshops.

Do you operate:

  • 24/7?
  • Weekdays only? - Between what times?
  • Shifts – how many and between what times?
  • Other

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