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SL0177 - Sports Development planning for sports facilities – 211015

A member authority is seeking to write new sports development plans for their individual leisure facilities. They wish to enable those facilities to provide the best outcomes for the communities in which they are based. They are especially keen to learn from the innovative ideas of others. Please can you share examples of your sports development plans?

SL0176 - Booking systems - Tennis in parks - 180915

A member authority is investigating options regarding the introduction of a block booking system for tennis courts in parks.  
It is also considering options for the charges associated with this. 

  • Do you have experience of introducing such a booking system or similar?  
  • If so, what have been the advantages and the disadvantages?  
  • What are the fees and charges for tennis including block bookings?

SL0175 - Group Fitness Sessions in Parks - 120815

Group fitness sessions in parks are increasingly popular.
Do you have a licensing or authorisation process for any of the following:

  • Verification of qualifications
  • Insurance
  • Customer charges - applied by the fitness organiser to the user
  • Charges applied by the Authority to the fitness organiser
  • Instructors ratios
  • Age limitations
  • Safeguarding 
  • First aid
  • Programming 
  • Use of equipment
  • Restrictions 

Any examples of such systems or best practice principles for managing park fitness would be greatly appreciated.

SL0174 - Sports Booking systems - 110815

A member authority is looking to upgrade their booking systems to allow customers online booking for sports pitches and courts, upfront payment and the ability to check availability themselves. 
Please can you supply details of: 

  • Method you use to book sports pitches and courts (online system, online form, email, post, phone etc.)
  • Features of the system (online payments, availability checking etc.)
  • Amount of maintenance required (internal time spent) 
  • Cost including maintenance charges

Any feedback on specific software (if used) would also be welcome.

SL0173 - Operating models for Community Use Schools (Sports & Recreation / Communitity Learning & Development - 060515

This local authority is interested to hear from other APSE member authorities and their arrangements with regards to Community Use Schools provision. 
In particular they are keen to find out:-

  1. What operating model is used for community use school provision and what range of activity this covers in terms of sports & recreation and community learning & development activities
  2. How this community use school provision sits in relation to any separate delivery arrangements for sports & leisure centres and community learning provision
  3. Details on any recent reviews undertaken in relation to this these areas of service delivery
  4. Information on associated management arrangements i.e. who is responsible for what, budgets etc.

SL0172 - Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for leisure - 150415

We are seeking examples of Local Authorities who have managed to secure investment for local authority leisure assets through the use of CIL with house builders

If you have been successful in securing funding or know of other who have, please give brief details.

SL0171 - Improving the quality of sports pitches - 300115

This APSE member is requesting information from other local authorities in relation to techniques which have been used to improve the quality of local authority sports pitches. Any information which could be provided would be gratefully accepted.

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