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Refuse and Street Cleansing

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Wayne Priestley.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

RSC0973 - Benchmarking Driver and Loader Salary Rates in Refuse Collection - 12.06.18

To assist in a decision regarding whether to proceed with a job
evaluation for refuse Drivers and Loaders, a member authority
would be grateful to know:

  1. What salary do you pay Loaders within your refuse collection service?
  2. What salary do you pay Drivers within your refuse collection service?


RSC0968 - Take your litter home signs - 24.05.18

A member authority recently has had some issues with publically
accessible land that is not the responsibility of street cleansing
services to maintain (e.g. open land owned by angling clubs or
moorland car parks) but are used by the public to have picnics, walk
their dog etc

Historically the council installed litter bins in some locations as a
gesture of goodwill and agreed to empty them on a weekly or
fortnightly basis.

Unfortunately this has resulted in an expectation that the council
deals with any litter related problems at these locations.
After a Bank Holiday weekend the council has started to get
complaints about rubbish being left besides the litter bin as it is
overflowing despite being emptied on the Friday.

They are therefore interested in removing the bins and asking the
owners or relevant organisations to install signage that asks people
to take their rubbish home.

  • Has anyone else had any experience of doing this and would share their outcomes?
  • Or is anyone aware of organisations and land owners that have done this?


RSC0967 - Monitoring of external contractors - 24.05.18

A member authority is interested in finding out about how other
authorities monitor contracts.

They are specifically interested in Waste & Recycling contracts but
any feedback from other organisations on how they monitor their
contracts would be greatly appreciated.


RSC0966 - Charging for replacement/new bins - 23.05.18

A member authority is keen to learn from other councils about their
policy on charging for replacement and new wheeled bins including
charging for replacement recycling bins.

Some idea of charge rates and caveats would be useful.


RSC0965 - Collection of twin stream recyclables - 23.05.18

A member authority is looking at the collection of twin stream

  • paper & card as one stream and
  • cans/glass/plastics as the other stream

They would be interested to hear from LA’s with the above recycling
collection system and in particular :

  • How they collect the paper/card and other DMR- do they use a split body vehicles?
  • What is percentage split?
  • What materials are collected in each side?
  • Compaction issues?
  • Are there any contamination issues in the paper/card? If so
  • Type of contamination
  • Level of contamination
  • What container/bin type & size is used?
  • Is this the right size?
  • Any complaints from residents i.e. storage etc.
  • What frequency are collections?
  • Residual
  • Comingled
  • Paper / Card
  • Food or Food & Green waste (if applicable)
  • What are the participation/capture levels?
  • Do you have an example of communications used?


RSC0964 - Litter bin emptying costs – 11.05.18

A member authority is enquiring whether other member authorities
have a unit price for the cost to empty a litter bin? This could be
either on a street or in an open space/play area.

They are also interested to know if authorities recharge customers
for this work and does the amount charged cover the actual cost to
carry out the work?


RSC0963 - Separate collection of glass for recycling -11.05.18

A member authority is about to embark on a trial project for the
separate collection of glass and would like to ask other authorities
what their experiences have been – in particular they would be
interested to know:

  • What was done to reduce the extra noise caused when tipping glass into the collection vehicle?
  • What have been the issues relating to any excess noise or any separate glass collection service related issues and how have they dealt with them?
  • What has been the impact on the collection staff?


RSC0962 - Exploring kerbside textiles collection services - 07.05.18

A member authority is exploring introducing a kerbside textiles
collection service and would be grateful for feedback from peer
authorities within the APSE network who supply this service on the
following questions:

  • What tonnage do you collect per annum?
  • Do you receive recycling credits and/or other income? If so, how much?
  • Who processes the collected textiles?
  • How does your service operate?
  • What challenges have you encountered/lessons learned?


RSC0960 - Electrical grounds maintenance machinery - 03.05.18

A member authority is currently conducting research for an
appraisal regarding the use of electrical grounds maintenance
machinery, such as mowers, hedge trimmers, strimmer’s and leaf

In relation to this appraisal, they would like any information or
ideally to contact any other local authorities or large organizations
which are currently using such machines, in order to gain other
councils views and experiences regarding the usage of this


RSC0959 - Refuse collection enquiries - 03.05.18

A member authority is looking for information regarding waste collection services.

They are particularly interested in the following:

  • If you have separate food waste collections (on a separate vehicle), what is the pass rate?
  • If you have single body freighter refuse collections, what is the pass rate?
  • If you have single body freighter recycling, what is the pass rate?
  • If you have a nappy collection service, how many customers (or proportion of the borough) do you collect from?
  • Also how do you collect nappies – separate vehicle, split body vehicle, podded vehicle and from households or collection points


RSC0958 - Recording delivery of customer purchased replacement bins – 18.04.18

A member authority which is a local waste collection authority,
charges for replacement bins, if they are damaged/stolen etc.
They wish to review the method for delivering these containers as
the bins can go missing between delivery and the householder
receiving them, i.e. delivered in the middle of the day and the
resident returns to find no bin despite the fact that they have paid
approx. £30 for the item.

Currently the member authority does not have any smart technology
i.e. a handheld device that confirms the delivery through GPS and/or
photo, but this is being looked at.

They would therefore like information as to how other authority’s

  • Record whether bins are delivered in a timely and efficient manner,
  • Do they place delivery cards in letter boxes when the bin is delivered
  • What happens if the delivery crew can’t find an address, would they ring the householder to confirm where the property is?

Any best practice using a non-digital approach would be most welcome.


RSC0957 - Recycling queries - 18.04.18

A member authority has a series of questions relating to refuse
collection and recycling services.

They would like information regarding the following queries:

  • Is Glass included or excluded within the Blue bin recycling material collections?
  • What level of contamination are councils experiencing within the Mixed dry recycling collection service?
  • Is your council experiencing difficulties from processors regardingavailability of end markets for MDR?
  • Is there lower value for material with glass in than for glass out?
  • Do councils operate Bin inspectors checking contamination within recycling bins?
  • Is there an enforcement process in place for penalising domestic contamination?
  • Do residents fully understand what materials are excepted within the MDR collection?


RSC0956 - Cleaning rural roads - 13.04.18

A member authority has a number of street cleansing related
enquiries for which they would like some information.

The questions are:

  • Does your council litter pick rural roads with no verge or footpath?
  • What method do you currently have in place/ mechanical or on foot?
  • Do your Risk assessments differentiate between speed control
  • roads, up to 30 mph, and national speed limit roads?
  • Are chapter 8 measures implemented or road closures put in place?
  • What Safe Work Procedure/practices do you have in place and could you provide any examples


RSC0955 - DEFRA request for information on composition of local authority residual waste - 13.04.18

APSE has been requested by DEFRA to send out a network query
for information regarding compositional make up of local authorities
residual waste.

The aim of this is to develop new metrics for the Resource and
Waste Strategy where there is currently a significant data gap
regarding the composition of residual waste.

By collecting this information DEFRA and others can start to get a
much better picture of the amount of ‘avoidable waste’, e.g. the
potentially recyclable waste that is sent to landfill/incineration.
Please respond with information if you are happy for APSE to send
this on to Defra and identify your authority against your response.
If you have any concerns DEFRA would be happy to discuss these
with your authority.


RSC0954- Cleaning of human bodily fluids from the streetscape - 04.04.18

A member authority is experiencing a huge increase in defecation
and anti-social behaviour relating to bodily fluids.

Often this is found amongst possessions and fly tips and is a major
health hazard.

They would like information and advice on best practice from local
authorities on how other councils are removing human excrement,
urine, vomit/bile and other bodily fluids from public areas (e.g.
footpaths, town centre).

They would particularly like information about different types of
equipment in use, protective clothing and immunisation.


RSC0953 - Route optimisation software - 29.03.18

A member authority is looking for recommendations regarding a
route optimisation software provider.

hey are just looking at doing some soft market testing.

They are particularly interested to hear from anyone who uses
Bartec for their in-cab/back office system.


RSC0952 - Wage Rates - 29.03.18

A member authority is looking for information on average wage
rates for street cleansing and for operatives and officers who
work/operate waste recycling sites.

The range of wage rates they are interested include:

  • Street cleansing operations manager
  • Assistant cleansing managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Front line street cleansing operatives

With regards to waste recycling sites they would like to include all
wage rates for the specific roles employed in delivering the

They would also be interested to discover whether any wage rates
vary depending on whether shift work occurs.

Responses from large urban authorities would be particularly


RSC0951 - Green waste - temporary suspension of service - 210318

A member authority currently collects residual and recyclable waste
on alternate weekly collections.

However between mid – December to early January they cease
collecting green waste, introducing a service break of around 5

During the break they provide weekly residual waste collections
using the resources which would normally collect green waste.

They are now considering extending the suspension period until
mid- February and would be interested in hearing how Authorities
with longer suspension periods utilise staff and vehicles during the
period; and any possible service impacts that would arise from
extending the suspension.


RSC0950 - Community disposal facilities for marine litter - 27.04.18

A member authority is being regularly asked to put Eurobins or
Skips on a permanent basis on their numerous beaches for the
community to dispose of marine litter.

Some of their beaches already have Eurobins – sponsored by the
local community and overseen by a local beach cleaning campaign
launched several years ago.

The cost of providing the bins is covered through the campaign

Given the Blue Planet II effect and the associated media coverage
on plastics lately, the local community is rallying and there are of
course expectations the Council will pay for disposal and lead the
way on the campaign.

The question being asked is are other local authorities (coastal),
experiencing this type of service request and how are they

Clearly it is a good thing the community want to embrace this and
we want to support the campaign, but the cost of providing the bins
and then uplifting and disposing – brings with a series of dilemmas

  1. Unmanned facilities at such sites often leads to abuse, domestic waste is regularly placed in these bins.
  2. Unmanned facilities can lead to health and safety issues if hazardous items are disposed of (marine flares/gas canisters etc).


RSC0949 - Contaminated recycling bin policies - 05.03.18

A member authority is currently reviewing differing methods of
dealing with contamination in recycling bins.

They would be interested in responses from member authorities
with regards to zero tolerance, and their approach where
contaminated recycling bins were not collected.

They are particularly interested in how other local authorities
respond to contamination and in particular, what their current policy
is on the following:

  • Do you adopt a gradual approach or a ‘one strike’ policy regarding contaminated bins
  • Have you introduced any charges for returning to empty contaminated bins (after removal of the contaminated waste).
  • Do any member authority remove the recycling service entirely from persistent offenders?


RSC0948 - Co-mingled gate prices - 02.03.18

A member authority is currently reviewing its income levels for
recycling materials. They are looking for information on the following

  • What other authorities are paying/receiving gate fees for comingled?
  • Have other authorities seen MRF gate prices or income increase for recyclable materials?
  • If yes which materials and what have been the price increases?

They are also wanting to ask whether authorities in long term contracts or coming to the end of a contract:

  • Struggling to find a MRF that will take their comingled
  • Finding gate prices for a new contract have increased significantly for accepting co-mingled materials


RSC0946 - Issues related to tipper payload - 12.02.18

A member authority has been in touch to seek feedback on how
colleagues have resolved issues occurring when the payload of a 3
½ tonne tipper (500-600 kilos) has not been sufficient for purpose.
If you have you encountered this issue, did you resolve it by
investing in larger (4 ½ - 5 ½ tonne) tippers? If not, how have you
resolved the issue?


RSC0945 - Formulating trade waste charges - 12.02.18

A member authority is enquiring how other local authorities
formulate there trade waste prices each year, and what factors are
considered in order to get to the final price.

Also if any authority has been challenged by the private sector in
regards to the commercial selling of bins and prices charged.


RSC0944 - Drivers mobile usage policies – 30.01.18

A member authority is currently in the process of updating their
policies surrounding mobile telephone usage for drivers of their
refuse collection vehicles and street cleansing fleet.

They wish to know if members have switched over to hands-free
technology, and has that switch brought about an improvement in
communication and response times?

They would also like to know what guidance is offered to drivers
about the use of hands-free devices while operating a vehicle.


RSC0943 - Smartphone bin apps - 30.01.18

A member authority is investigating the use of smartphone bin apps
and would like to hear from any authority that is using one to tell
people when to put their bins out and how to recycle.


  • Which app do you use or do you have a function within your corporate website that gives people information?
  • What are the costs of the app?
  • What does the app do?
  • Any other useful information


RSC0942 - Recycling contamination in flats and communal areas - 24.01.18

A member authority is looking to gain information from other
authorities regarding contamination in flats and communal areas.

They currently use brown wheeled recycling bins for a co-mingled
collection and are looking mainly at authorities that use the same
service with regards to comparable information, in particular:

  • What procedures do you have in place with regards to tackling contamination in flats and communal areas?
  • Do you provide the residents with a different form of collection in flats/communal areas to tackle the problem, if so what container/bag?
  • How do you tackle vulnerable people (Residents with dementia etc) in flats/communal areas that contaminate?


RSC0941 - Age profiling of workforce - 24.01.18

A member authority would be interested to know whether any other
authorities have done any age profiling of their waste and recycling
workforce and whether they could share the results.


RSC0940 - Fleet Management Systems - 22.01.18

A member authority is considering Replacing Tranman with Jamma
Fleet Management Software system.

They would be interested in other authorities experience of using
this software, including development support from the company.


RSC0939 - New road and path sweepers - 10.01.18

A member authority is looking to invest in a new path/road sweeper
and was interested in what other authorities are using or would
recommend, in particular they would like feedback on

  • Running costs
  • Performance
  • Downtime for breakdowns
  • Area covered for operations and frequency of its use
  • Any other information that would of relevance to make a decision on purchase


RSC0938 - Spillage of mud on roads - 10.01.18

A member authority is enquiring as to how other local authorities
deal with farmers following spillage/mud on the highway after


RSC0937 - Sponsorship of street furniture - 08.01.18

A member authority would be interested in reading about the
experiences other local authorities have had in establishing
arrangements regarding the sponsorship of litter bins, benches or
other street furniture.

They are interested in any examples of successful schemes.


RSC0936 - Street cleansing income - 080118

A member authority is looking for Street Cleansing information
regarding the following issues:

  • Do you generate income to support the street cleansing budget – yes or no?

If yes how much?



  • Do you expect to exceed the budgeted amount and if so by how much £?
  • What services do you offer to generate this income?


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