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The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email aholcroft@apse.org.uk

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page, you can also view queries for:

G0438 - Building cost information on newly constructed leisure centres, museums and crematoria - 290120

A member authority is currently updating their cost data base and would welcome building cost information on recently constructed leisure centres, museums and crematoriums. It is appreciated this information may be confidential therefore if you would find it difficult to provide written information but would be willing to speak to the enquiring authority on a 121 basis, could you please state this in your response.

G0437 - “Good Ideas” / Staff Suggestion Schemes - 100120

This authority would like to know:

  1. Does your authority operate a “Good Ideas Scheme” whereby staff can submit ideas to be considered for implementation?
  2. If so, how does the scheme operate?
  3. How are ideas evaluated? and how often?
  4. Is there a funding pot available to support ideas which may require initial funding?
  5. Is there a requirement for ideas to be self funding?
  6. Is there a “reward” for successful ideas?
  7. Would you be willing to share your scheme outline/guidance? If so, could you please provide your contact details:


Promoting excellence in public services

APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit unincorporated association working with over 300 councils throughout the UK. Promoting excellence in public services, APSE is the foremost specialist in local authority frontline services, hosting a network for frontline service providers in areas such as waste and refuse collection, parks and environmental services, cemeteries and crematorium, environmental health, leisure, school meals, cleaning, housing and building maintenance.






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