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Environmental Health

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below.

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Wayne Priestley.

EH011 - Disposal of dead birds caused by Avian Botulism – 030919

A member authority has had an outbreak of Avian botulism at one of their parks which has led to a significant amount of deaths of wildfowl.

They have spoken to DEFRA who have explained that this is something that is likely to occur yearly due to weather conditions/water quality etc.

They are therefore looking to devise a procedure for disposing of the dead birds and DEFRA have advised contacting other Councils to see what protocols they have in place when break-outs occur or if they have any advice. Any advice would be welcome.

EH010 - Green Food Business Awards - 100719

A member authority is interested to know if any local authority has a Green Food Business/takeaway award scheme in order to promote ethical businesses who use recyclable takeaway containers/cups, source local food suppliers etc.


EH009 - Scientifically test hot food takeaway items to see how much salt and fat they contain

A member authority is looking for information as to whether other councils scientifically test hot food takeaway items to see how much salt and fat they contain.

Any information, reports, procedures or policies would be gratefully received.


EH008 - IT services for Pest Control - 070918

A member authority currently provides an in-house Pest Control Service.

They are looking to improve on their existing IT provision for the service and were wondering how other local authorities manage getting jobs out to the officers out in the field (e.g. scheduling, completing tasks and rescheduling jobs)?

Do other authorities use app based systems or do they download daily work schedules?


EH007 - Pest control on closed landfill sites - 050718 

A member authority currently runs the following waste operations from one site:

- Waste Transfer Station

They used to have an active landfill (now completely closed and capped).

As a result of the closure of the landfill they are reviewing pest control services.

In theory they feel they should be able to scale pest control right back due to the landfill closure, however, they do not want to scale it back too much and create a large pest problem.

Seagulls are the biggest pest issue, currently managed by falcons most days of the week with limited success.

What level of pest control do other member authorities use to manage pests on similar sites?


EH006 - Rats in public sewers - 240718 

A Member Authority has seen a significant upsurge of rats within their area over the last few years and the source of the problem seems to be the public sewers.

The Local Water Authority have not baited the public sewers for years and the Member Authority are seeking information regarding the following:-

1. What other councils are doing in terms of managing the public sewers/rat population
2. Is there any jurisdiction that can be placed on the Local Water Authority?


RSC0817 - Triaging of Environmental Health Service Requests – EH006/311016 

A member authority is  looking at developing a methodology for triaging service requests for Environmental Health and other Regulatory Services along the lines of:

Level 1 - noted, recorded, no further action, possible future intel.
Level 2 - noted, recorded, data shows a possible trend, watching.
Level 3 - requires a response in the next 7-28 days when resources allow?
Level 4 - Immediate response.
So as to avoid reinventing the wheel, they are enquiring whether any authority has already implemented such a similar system that they would be willing to provide details of.  
Also any feedback on how it went down 'politically' / with service users would be welcomed.


GM0509 Anti-social behaviour and motorbikes - EH005

A member authority has a problem with antisocial behaviour and motorbikes in a particular section of the city and we were wondering what other authorities experiences are in dealing with this type of issue. 
The questions they are interested in finding information are as follows:
1.            Do you have a particular problem with unauthorised motorbikes on and going between parks, cycle paths and on roads?
2.            What solutions/campaigns have you tried to prevent unauthorised motorbikes and how successful have they been?
3.            Have you tried ‘K barriers’ on a main cycle route to prevent access into parks?  How successful have they been? 
4.            If a barrier was successfully used, please tell us the type of barrier, who supplied it and was it DDA compliant?
5.            Which partners have been involved in tackling unauthorised motorbikes?


EH005 - Civic Parking Enforcement - enforcement, appeals and income recovery - 280618 

A Member Authority is currently conducting a review of the councils Civic Parking Enforcement service and are seeking information in relation to enforcement, appeals and income recovery. Specifically, the Member Authority would like to know the following:-

Appeals team for Parking Enforcement

1. How many appeals are received?
2. How many FTEs handle the appeals received?
3. Are responsibilities split between Admins (process mail and correspondence) and Case Officers (investigation and decision making)?
4. Does your authority use any technology/software to handle/process appeals? i.e. Barbour Logic, chat bots to make decision making easier or create letters?

Regarding Income Recovery for CPE fines:

1. Do any authorities outsource the recovery of CPE fines?
2. Recovery data contractors v’s internal recovery (percentages of the outsourced worked)?
3. Any Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) data use re: recovery rates?

Regarding TRO and advertising the site notices:

1. How does your authority currently advertise new parking notices/TROs? And how are Site Notices managed if they are used?
2. Are lampposts still used or has this method been replace by digital – i.e. Twitter or Facebook


EH004 - Cessation of pest control service – 040816

A member authority is currently considering options for our pest control service and is enquiring whether any local authority has ceased providing a pest control service and if so have they become aware of the impact locally and/or in any increased demand for other Council intervention as a result e.g. enforcement action under the prevention of damage by pests act etc.


EH003 - Developing Environmental Health Income Generation Strategies – 060716

A member authority is looking to increase their engagement and partnership activities with a view to developing an income generation strategy for Environmental Health Services. They are therefore interested to find out from other members how they:
·         Engage with businesses through forums to build a picture of service demand?
·         Build partnerships with external organisations to aid and support service delivery?
·         If you have developed an income  generation strategy in EH services are you able to share the details?
·         How did you explore possible market development in your area with communities and businesses?


EH002 - Enforcement Team Roles – 080616

A member authority would be grateful to receive the following information from any local authority that operates an enforcement team that regulates the main parts of the environmental legislation, namely Environmental Protection Act 1990, Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2014 etc.:-
·        Is the team a dedicated Council wide team covering all the enforcement aspects of Council work, or is it an enforcement team within a particular Service Area, such as Environmental Health?
·        Approximately how many people in the team
·        What is the approximate cost of running the enforcement team, both from a staff resource point of view and the internal “back-up” administration side of things?
·        Is there, or does a team cover the enforcement of the legislation surrounding Houses in Multiple Occupation?
·        Are FPN’S used routinely, if so for what offences are they used for and how successful are they, what is the financial recovery rate on the fines, as opposed to the admin work required to pursue payments


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