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Hatton Traffic Management

In these challenging times where value for money, flexibility and safety are paramount to us all, it is imperative that you have peace of mind in respect of your nominated contractors.

In this competitive and demanding world, arrangements such as these can’t be left to chance. You require, first time, quality, safe and flexible service delivery in a trusted environment where both parties are aiming for the same set of common goals: Continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

This is where Hatton Traffic Management Limited come to the fore:

 For over 4 decades we have grown to become a trusted market leading provider of specialist traffic management to a diverse portfolio of UK public and private clients.

We believe local support and knowledge is key, therefore our UK wide service strategy enables us to deliver cost effective and integrated traffic management solutions bespoke to your needs. We encourage all clients to consider a ‘depot share arrangement’, enabling the focus of operations to be at the core geographical point of the contract, promoting rapid response to all your traffic management needs as well as offering you a potential income stream through a ‘facility share rental agreement’.

We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions to your ever-demanding portfolio of operational needs. Our unique ‘Inside the Cones’ ‘service can provide you with a range of dedicated services carried out on your behalf whilst the traffic management scheme is in situ and operational. Examples of our services include, litter picking, sign cleaning, gully cleansing, grass cutting, arboricultural works and many other tasks as requested by the client. The benefits of such an initiative promote cost effective service delivery coupled with the flexibility of better in-house staff deployment to other, more important demand responsive projects as deemed necessary by operational needs.

Next time you search for Traffic Management Services, say to yourself…….

1.Do I want a basic traffic management scheme or is there something more innovative out there?

2.Can I demonstrate better value for money as the Hatton model suggests?

3.Could I benefit from ‘Inside the Cones’ initiative and re-direct my core staff to more urgent, high profile tasks saving money?

4.OK, time to check out Hatton Traffic Management Limited.


Visit our website http://www.hattontraffic.co.uk/


Contact Alastair Smith

UK Operations Manager

M:  07946 479064

T:   0191 236 1216


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