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Parks One Day Seminar 2015

Parks One Day Seminar 2015

Harrogate International Centre
Friday 20 March 2015

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Seminar objectives

‘Parks In A Changing Climate’ examines the changing roles of parks and greenspaces, and their importance across a number of different agendas, including health and well-being , promoting and  protecting biodiversity, mitigating the effects of climate change as well as still remaining a vital part of the fabric of the natural environment. In order to meet these growing responsibilities parks and greenspace managers are having to look at new approaches as to how they operate on a day to day, basis through the use of new and improved technology, introducing new plant management techniques, making better use of the resources they have and even allowing nature to play a greater part in ensuring the sustainability of such assets.  All of this is set against a backdrop of some of the most severe funding cuts ever experienced in the history of parks and green space management.  As such faced with diminishing resources, there is a need to ensure the backbone of these services, the staff, are suitably trained and ready for the challenges ahead. 
The seminar intends to highlight the value of parks to everyday life and the wider health of the environment.  Topics will include presentations on international projects such as biophilic cities where the human need to be close to nature is explained, the recently published National Pollinator Strategy outlining the importance of pollinating insects to food security and greenspace sustainability, how allowing wildflower meadows not only improves public satisfaction but can also save grounds maintenance costs. On a similar vein, the Met Office will show how through the use of weather forecasts, both staff resource and maintenance costs can be saved.  Continuing on a climate theme speakers will outline how parks management needs to be adapted to mitigate the effects of climate change. As always,there will be case studies on how innovative approaches to resource management, and health and safety, has led to improved service delivery and staff safety.
By bringing together a range of diverse and interesting speakers, APSE hopes to show how there is still a bright future for our parks and greenspaces at a time when public usage is increasing whilst funding is becoming harder to hold on to.
Experienced speakers will address key issues including:
APSE’s State of the Parks Survey 2015
Generating income in a parks environment
Integrating nature into everyday living through adopting a biophilic city approach
The value of pollinating insects to the future of the natural environment
Wildflower meadow development
How weather forecasting can improve parks and greenspace management
Adapting parks to meet the climate change challenge
Staff safety when maintaining slopes and banks
Making a sustainable peat free product and saving money
Biosecurity – future threats to our trees and plants
Maintaining a parks ranger service in an age of austerity



APSE Perspective

Mo Baines, Head of Communication and Coordination, APSE

Addressing the basic human need for nature in a rapidly urbanising world - The Biophilic Cities Project

Nick Grayson, Climate Change and Sustainability Manager, Birmingham City Council

The National Pollinator Strategy - how parks and gardens must help to conserve pollen-rich habitats

Tasha Niesen, Defra

Pictorial Meadows Seed Mixes - new meadow solutions that work in practice

Sue France, CEO, Pictorial Meadows and Green Estates

Using weather forecasts to help plan Grounds Mauntenance activities

Richard Stedall, The Meteorological Office

Biosecurity future threats to plants and trees

Derek McCann, Principal Plant Health and Seeds Inspector, Animal and Plant Health Agency

Changing the Climate of Traditional Parks Management

Bill Cooper, Policy, Projects and Performance Manager, Wirral Council

Managing Banks and Slopes Safely

Dr. Andrew Turner, HM Principal Inspector of Health and Safety, Agriculture, Waste and Recycling Sector

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