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2015 - July to December

RSC0736 - Contamination of Recycling materials - 081215

A member authority is interested in discovering how other collection authorities deal with the issue of non-compliance and contamination of recycling placed out in kerbside recycling bins/bags?  How are residents made aware of the issue and any follow up actions taken.

RSC0735 - Flexible street scene services - 031215

Through APSE Solutions, this authority is reviewing its working arrangements for street scene-type services (primarily street cleansing and parks) and wishes to evaluate how changes have been implemented elsewhere, particularly in making the service more flexible.  
They would appreciate responses to the following questions.

  • Have Street scene services been integrated in your authority and if so to what extent (fully integrated street scene operatives, street scene management only etc.)?
  • Have you changes to street scene services been implemented to provide a more flexible approach to service delivery (multi-tasking for example)?  If so, what pay and grading structure was introduced?
  • How many hours are in the normal standard working week for your street scene services and is the weekend part of that standard week for any of the workforce? 
  • How is the requirement for overtime dealt with?  (Are enhancements paid or is time off in lieu given etc.?)
  • Have any terms & conditions for anyone operating in street scene-type service areas been varied locally away from national agreements?
  • Would you be prepared to complete a slightly more in-depth survey as part of our research?  (All participants will receive a copy of the findings.)”

RSC0734 - Commercial Waste Contracts - 031215

An APSE member is enquiring , with regards to those authorities which provide commercial waste collections, do they: 

a.       Have ‘evergreen’ contracts for clients, i.e. can only give notice during a certain window throughout the year.
b.      Have contracts with a more conventional notice period
c.       Not insist on contracts
d.      Have another delivery method
Also if providers could provide details as to whether they charge either by weight of bins or by size of receptacle.

RSC0733 - Round Risk Assessments - 011215

A member authority is asking for examples of other local authorities rounds risk assessments.
If you are happy to share any round risk assessments you may have they would be grateful to receive them.

RSC0732 - Advice on implementing a 10 hour working day shift pattern (Safe Systems of Work / Use of Equipment, etc) - 231115

Due to the introduction of new shift patterns, which now involves 10 hour working day, this member authority’s Waste Management Service is looking into the impact on the health and safety of employees due to the collection of refuse in dark early mornings and evenings.  
They are interested in finding out what other authorities with similar working patterns have put in place, including Safe Systems of Work and use of equipment e.g. head torches, etc.

RSC0731 - Use of DNA IN identifying dog fouling culprits - 191115

A member authority has established a street scene Scrutiny task and finish group looking at Dog DNA in the identification and prosecution of dog owners allowing their dogs to foul public highway.

They are interested in discovering whether any other authorities are looking at this initiative or are looking at implementing any such system.

RSC0730 - Charging for recycling of garden and food waste - 171115

A member authority is wishing to know from those councils who originally provided a free garden and food collection service and then had to start charging for the service.

In particular they are keen to know where food waste was placed in the same bin as the garden waste, how did they deal with this issue, as legally local authorities cannot charge for garden waste recycling collections whilst the food element is still included in the bin.

RSC0729 - Re-use of materials at HWRC's - 171115

A member authority would like to discover if any Local Authority with a HWRC (household waste recycling centre) have a reclamation facility, where they sell or pass on items for re-use to their residents (items would include garden and household furniture, white goods, UPVC window frames.

RSC0728 - Income from Fixed Penalty Notices - 091115

An APSE member authority is looking to establish the levels of income from Fixed Penalty Notices for littering other local authorities are recovering.
As part of this study they are wanting to know the following information:

  • The number of staff issuing FPN’s for littering
  • Population of authority
  • Income level from FPN’s for 2013/14 and 14/15

RSC0727 - Absestos services to residents - 301015

This authority is reviewing asbestos collections and is interested to what arrangements others have in place for residents. Please reply to the following. 

  • Is an asbestos collection service offered to residents?
  • If so is there a charge?
  • What is the charge?
  • Is it undertaken by a contractor or in house?
  • How is dumped asbestos dealt with?
  • Did the introduction of a charge lead to a marked increase in fly tipped asbestos?

RSC0726 - Commercial customers at recycling centres - 301015

This authority is reviewing how they manage commercial customers at household waste recycling centres.

 They are interested in knowing how others manage the following:

  • Do you accept commercial users at the HWRCs in your area?
  • What waste streams do you accept?
  • What procedures have you in place to manage this?
  • How do you monitor the volume of users/ waste streams?
  • Have you any plans to make further improvements? 

Any relevant information would be gratefully received. Those who respond will be sent copies of all replies.

RSC0725 - Flexible working in integrated street scene services - 281015

A member Authority has integrated routine highway maintenance, grounds maintenance and street cleansing into a single team operating out of three main depots.
As a consequence they are seeking thoughts/ideas from other Authorities  on the best option to  introduce flexible working into the new Streetscene team.

RSC0724 - Refuse collectors emptying litter bins - 261015

A member authority is enquiring whether refuse collection rounds empty street litter bins, in particular they are interested in:

  • As part of your domestic refuse collection rounds, does any authority empty street litter bins that are also on your collection rounds?
  • If so, is this done as part of the domestic refuse collection rounds or on an ad hoc basis?
  • If ad hoc, how often is this done?
  • What are the benefits to your departments for combining services both Refuse / Waste Collection and Street Scene litter bins?

RSC0723 - Graffiti removal - 261015

A member authority is looking to see if any members have come across any really effective products for removal of graffiti.

They would be interested in the surfaces it is effective on, the method of application, whether it is environmentally friendly and the cost of application per square foot/metre.

RSC0722 - Alternate Weekly Collections - 211015

A member authority is reviewing its waste collection service with a view to consider alternate weekly collections. In addition we are continually reviewing services and working patterns in light of budget efficiencies.

We would therefore appreciate information from other local authorities about:-

  1. Authorities that have adopted a 6 day working week within their waste services and when it was implemented.
  2. Lessons learned – good or bad.
  3. Impact on staff with regarding to working longer days e.g. fatigue, morale, work life balance.
  4. Examples of working patterns would be appreciated with hours per day, utilisation of fleet.
  5. How the public were consulted and accepted weekend working.  Challenges that were faced and overcome.
  6. Impact on performance targets (property counts) and any considerations factored in for staff fatigue and productivity levels over a longer working day.

RSC0721 - Extra residual waste bin - 211015

A member authority is enquiring as to whether any local authorities provide a single- sized uniform residual waste container to each domestic property, regardless of the size of property or family size. Do they also refuse to provide an additional residual waste container if requested in order to promote greater recycling levels.
Has this caused any problems with increase contamination in recycling bins?

RSC0720 - Clearance of sand - 181115

This APSE member authority would like to receive details about sand clearance from other coastal authorities. In particular they would like to ask:

  • How do other authorities manage sand clearance from promenades? 
  • What equipment do you use?
  • How often do you clear sand?

RSC0719 - Route Optimisation - 161015

An APSE member authority is currently carrying out a service review with the intention of improving efficiency through route optimisation, adjusted frequencies and incorporating new developments within their existing resources etc. To enable this to be done efficiently and effectively they are looking at a software system to assist with the planning of routes and would like some help from member local authorities to ensure that the system will meet their expectations.
They are looking for information on the following areas:

  1. Do you use a software programme to schedule Street Cleansing routes?
  2. If so, what system do you use?
  3. Would you recommend this system as a good system to use for other local authorities?
  4. Would you be willing to say how much the system costs, i.e. installation costs and running costs?
  5. If your system is an in-house system, would you be willing to share it with other local authorities and if so would there be a cost?
  6. Is the system easy to update, amend, add new streets etc?
  7. Any other information that you think would be useful.

RSC0718 - HSE contamination risk to employees - 061015

A member authority has recently been audited by the Health and Safety Executive as part of the 2015/16 intervention process.  

They would like to know if any member authority have information and procedures they could share on the following:

  1. Gross contamination - action plan in relation to an employee being covered by liquids, faeces etc. from the back of an RCV during collections.  What procedures are in place?
  2. Garden waste - bio-aerosols - procedures, guidance on assessing impact on staff in relation to spores and moulds during garden waste wheeled bin collections.  Data including any COSHH data, lung function testing and health surveillance procedures.

RSC0717 - In-house trade waste service - 011015

A member authority would like to hear from other authorities who provide an in-house trade waste service, in particular they would like to know the following:

  • If any authorities carry out any collections outside of the authority boundary.
  • Under what provision are these collections carried out.
  • What is the set-up/structure of the service i.e. is it an Arm’s Length Organisation/Trading Company, etc.
  • Any specific issues that influence the manner in which the service is discharged in relation to VAT, etc.
  • Any contacts who would be willing to discuss further.

RSC0716 - Hearing loss claims - 011015

An APSE member authority is undertaking research in respect of industrial injury claims for alleged noise induced hearing loss, particularly from persons who have worked in Refuse Collection, Street Cleansing and/or Parks environments and with associated equipment and should be grateful to receive comments from other authorities particularly in relation to the following:

  1. Have any councils/Local Authorities (LAs) received industrial injury claims for alleged noise induced hearing loss particularly from persons who have worked in Refuse Collection, Street Cleansing and/or Parks environments and with associated equipment. 
  2. Did your council/LA engage the services of an acoustic engineer and if so, can you advise who you engaged?
  3. Did your council/LA challenge the claim in court and, if so, what was the outcome?
  4. Are there any court judgments in relation to your Council/LA for noise induced hearing loss?

RSC0715 - Animal Proof Bins - 011015

A member authority is enquiring how other authorities prevent animals (dogs, foxes, squirrels etc.) from accessing bins, both domestic refuse bins and bins in parks and greenspace areas.
They would also be interested if details of manufacturers of animal proof bins/devices used by local authorities to prevent animal access could be given.

RSC0714 - Refuse provision on travellers sites - 180915

A member Authority would like to know what provision is made by other Authorities for  permanent Traveller sites  with regards to the  storage and collection of residual waste, as it feels that over provision may have been provided when compared to its general provision for domestic household?
Similarly, do any Authorities provide recycling provision to their Traveller sites?
If other Authorities have recycling provision for Traveller sites, how did they implement it, what timescales were applied and what is the take up rate by residents?
Finally, did the Authorities have any particular difficulties when rolling out the scheme and if so what were they and how did they overcome them?

RSC0713 - Canada Geese - 150915

A member authority is having problems with Canada Geese and would appreciate knowing what everyone else is doing to deal with these birds.   
The authority is looking for examples of what other Authorities are doing to actively manage Canada geese on their sites, including egg pricking, oiling, culling, scaring away etc. and would appreciate it if other authorities would share their experiences.

RSC0712 - Play Park Inspections - 150915

A member authority would like feedback from other authorities regarding Play Park management, in particular they are interested in the following areas:

  • What frequency (in number of days) are play parks inspections carried out?
  • Are play parks inspected by staff within the Service or an external supplier?
  • Does the authority commission any independent inspection?
  • What frequency is such an independent inspection carried out?

RSC0711 - Graffiti removal from private property - 170915

This authority is looking at how they should approach cleaning graffiti from private property. An example of the kind of issue they are facing is attached. 
They would like to hear how others:

  • Decide on those cases of graffiti, littering etc. which they will respond to
  • Engage with property owners / occupiers
  • Access funds to deal with this issue (e.g. area forum / ward based budgets)
  • Retrieve costs from property owners / occupiers

Any related information would be appreciated.

RSC0710 - Market Testing of HWRC Provision - 100915

A member authority is currently undergoing a soft market testing exercise of their Household Waste Recycling Centres. They are interested in hearing from others who have commenced, are looking at or have considered and dismissed, externally delivering Household Waste Recycling Centres? 
They are keen to hear reasons for and against the decision made, actual or expected savings, transition arrangements and any other relevant information.

RSC0709 - Kitchen Caddies - 100915

A member authority would like to know if other authorities offer a choice of kitchen food waste caddy's to residents, for example, a range of colours, or options for residents to buy other containers through the Council itself.  

Also, do any Councils offer a subsidy scheme towards the purchase of higher specification caddy's e.g. with filters, crock pots or different designs?

RSC0708 - Reviewing Glass Kerbside Collection Service - 030915

A member authority is currently reviewing its household kerbside collection service for glass and is seeking information from other authorities that provide a household glass collection service. 
The authority would like to know: 
1.       How long the service has been in operation?
2.       How does the service operate in practice? e.g.

  • Container type and size (box, bin, bin insert, etc.)
  • Vehicle collection type (RCV, compaction, kerbside stillage-type etc.)
  • Collection frequency
  • Numbers of staff allocated to a squad

3.       What are the levels of participation by route (%)?
4.       What are the collection levels  - kilogrammes per household?
5.       Have any problems arisen regarding service delivery? e.g. manual handling, noise and how these have been risk assessed and mitigated against.
6.       Were any alternatives considered for collection of glass to recycle and if what were these?

RSC0707 - Waste Restriction Programmes and Consultation Arrangements with Residents - 020915

This member authority recently switched their refuse collection method from black sacks to wheelie bins as part of a Waste Restricting Programme and issued 140 litre black wheelie bins to residents who previously put out black bags.
Some residents have protested about these changes and suggest that consultation was too limited.
They would therefore appreciate information from other local authorities about consultation processes adopted for these types of changes including:-

  • Do you have any information you are able to share about  your own authority’s implementation of a Waste Restricting Programme (in particular from bag to wheelie bin) and in particular information about the  level / time span of consultation you conducted prior to going live with the changes?
  • Did you conduct your consultation at authority, ward or street level or a combination of these?
  • After the consultation, did you change your approach as a result of the findings or did the consultation reaffirm that the changes were fair and manageable ?
  • Did you change over without any consultation based on the inevitability of the need to restrict waste?

RSC0706 - Bringing the management of household waste and recycling sites in-house - 310815

This authority is reviewing the management of its 3 household waste and recycling sites and possibly bringing it in-house. They are keen to hear from others who have been through a similar exercise with answers to the following questions:- 

  1. How long has the service been managed in-house?
  2. What prompted the shift from external provider to in-house?
  3. Did you realise any savings from the change?
  4. Did the staff TUPE across?
  5. Have their T & C’s changed in line with yours?
  6. How is the disposal of the various waste stream managed i.e. did you procure disposal contracts for the waste streams/are you managing the disposal directly with the markets - if so, how?
  7. How many sites do you have/manage?

RSC0705 - 3 weekly residual waste collections - 280515

This authority is currently undergoing the budget review process for the next 3 year profile for the waste collection service. They are interested in hearing from others who have commenced, are looking at or have considered and dismissed, 3 weekly residual waste collections.
They are keen to hear reasons for and against the decision made, actual or expected savings and any other relevant information.

RSC0704 - Use of Large Wheeled Bins in Rear Entries - 260815

A member authority is looking to pilot the use of 1100 litre wheeled bins in rear entries instead of continuing to provide individual wheeled bins to residents.
They are interested in hearing from local authorities who have already introduced large wheeled bins in rear entries, replacing individual bins and how they went about this change, particularly in the following areas:

  • Persuading residents to use the larger bins
  • Any problems with fly-tipping or excess bin bags at sides of bins
  • Operational issues e.g. siting of bins and their subsequent collection and replacement

RSC0703 - Bereavement Services Business Continuity Plans - 170815

A member authority is enquiring as to whether other local authority Bereavement Service have developed Business Continuity Plans which take into account events such as emergency /extraordinary incidents,  such as a major power failure, fire, or flood, causing prolonged disruption or closure of the service, and whether they would be willing to share the plans.
The member authority would be particularly interested in finding out about what plans other authorities have in place to manage burials and cremations in their areas should an emergency occur i.e.

  1. Is there an arrangement in place for other local  crematoria to take services, carry out cremations? 
  2. Is this arrangement with in the local authority sector, or through a private operator?
  3. What happens in the event of the complete loss of ICT networks/telephones?
  4. How do they manage burials, and services for the bereaved?

RSC0702 - PPE Compliance - 170815

A member authority is looking at compliance regulations regarding Personal Protection equipment (PPE) and is looking for the following information for other local authorities:

  1. Do you provide trousers as PPE protecting against abrasion and cuts or just as a straight uniform?
  2. If provided as PPE do the current products conform to CE or EN standards and are clearly labelled ?
  3. Who is your current supplier and what products do you supply for 
    a. Refuse loaders/drivers
    b. General street cleansing staff 
    c. Street cleansing staff working on highways at speeds of 40mph and above.

RSC0701 - Chargehand allowances - 100815

A member authority wishes to know whether your authority has a chargehand/senior operative role that provides for loaders and/or drivers to take on additional duties in relation to their immediate colleagues (e.g. 3 man crew, monitoring, communications with the public etc). If you do, do you provide for an additional monetary award for this role such as an allowance or additional grade for these additional duties?

RSC0700 - Moving to a chargeable bulk refuse collection service - 050815

Has any LA removed free or  bulk collection services where a contribution is made, to a fully charged bulk collection service, if so did this result in an noticeable increase in fly tipping and if  there was a large increase in fly-tipping, how was this resolved?

RSC0699 - Mobile Working Solutions - 050815

A member is asking for information on any services that are currently using mobile working solutions in respect of the following services:

  • Pest Control
  • Dog Wardens
  • Fly tip
  • Graffiti
  • Rapid response

RSC0698 - Scheduling of Mechanical Street Sweeping - 310715

A member is looking to improve their approach to scheduling of mechanical street sweeping operations and would like to hear from any members who use a software solution to create route schedules for mechanical road sweeper cleansing works/rounds. 
Of particular interest are the following:

  •  route scheduling capability - ability to generate efficient route/s from ‘address data’ (e.g. NSG)
  • is the software bespoke or a commercially available product
  • is the software compatible with GIS (in particular, MapInfo)
  • integration with GPS monitoring systems (if so, any exception reporting capability)
  • does the software integrate with/incorporate a mobile working solution, e.g. smartphone or PDA-type device within a vehicle.

RSC0697 - Assisted collections - 310715

A member authority is evaluating its administration of households registered for assisted ‘fetch & return’ collection services. This includes service eligibility, marketing of service and also a review mechanism to ensure only eligible households continue to receive services.  
Therefore the member wishes to know how other local authorities categorise and inform residents of eligibility for assisted collections and how they process and verify applications. Also, any explanations/feedback on any processes to review assisted collection lists and the frequency it is undertaken would be most helpful.

RSC0696 - Commercial Trade Waste Manager - 270715

One of our members is considering the recruitment of a Commercial Trade Waste Manager and would be interested to know if there are any local authorities that have such a post, particularly those that offer a basic salary plus financial incentives.
If you are able to respond, could you please indicate if you are willing to speak to the query originator.

RSC0695 - Apprenticeships Waste Management - 270715

A member authority is exploring opportunities for establishing Apprenticeship/Trainee Schemes in the areas of Waste Management, Street Cleansing and Enforcement and would like information and possibly the opportunity of contacting local Authorities who have established such schemes/are in operation.

RSC0694 - Redesigning Refuse and Recycling Service - 230715

A member authority is re-designing its waste and recycling collection service. It is intending to work on a zonal system in which a service will be delivered in one day and the crews will be expected to help each other to complete the day’s work.

It is proposed that 7 vehicles will carry out a residual refuse collection on an alternate weekly collection rota and a further 6 vehicles will carry out a recycling collection service again on an alternate weekly collection rota. Coupled with these services will be one collection vehicle which will undertake bulky waste collection and paid jobs and will provide support to residual waste collection service vehicles if a breakdown occurs, or if any operatives have to go home the bulky service will provide staff to make up the loss.
Our member is asking if any other authorities operate a similar system and share any experiences positive or negative they may have had.

RSC0693 - Bookable garden waste collection service - 230715

A member council waste and recycling team are considering having a bookable service for the collection of garden waste bags.

At the moment they collect from random addresses who put bags out for collection.
Therefore the member wishes to know whether any other local authority have a bookable service for the collection of garden waste bags.

Also if any explanations/feedback  about an existing similar bookable service could be given, then this would be most helpful.

RSC0692 - HWRC Permit Schemes

An APSE Member is requesting information on how other local authorities deliver their clinical waste service, in particular:

  • Do you as a local authority carry out a clinical waste collections service. If not how is the waste collected?
  • Do yellow medical waste sacks (‘tiger sacks’) go in the residual waste stream? If so how do councils on fortnightly collections address this issue?
  • Do any local authorities charge for the service to domestic customers. If so what are their polices and charges?

RSC0691 - Clinical Waste Collections - 160715

An APSE Member is requesting information on how other local authorities deliver their clinical waste service, in particular:

  • Do you as a local authority carry out a clinical waste collections service. If not how is the waste collected?
  • Do yellow medical waste sacks (‘tiger sacks’) go in the residual waste stream? If so how do councils on fortnightly collections address this issue?
  • Do any local authorities charge for the service to domestic customers. If so what are their polices and charges?

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