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Highways Innovation Awards 2018

Innovation Awards 2018: Celebrating innovation in local government highways, street lighting and winter maintenance services

APSE is pleased to present the 2018 Innovation Awards for highways, street lighting and winter maintenance services. These awards celebrate outstanding local councils that use innovative ideas and solutions to tackle the current challenges facing their frontline services. The awards provide participating authorities with an opportunity to showcase their expertise, alongside the results that they have achieved.

The Innovation Awards are split into three categories:

  • Winter maintenance and winter resilience services
  • Street lighting
  • Highways maintenance services

The ideal submission will contain a description of the problem or challenge faced, and the innovative approach taken to remedy it. This could be, for example, a service redesign, new training techniques, use of new materials or equipment, or new methods of responding to/communicating with the public. The submission should also include the outcomes that have been achieved. As a helpful guide, a brochure featuring the successful submissions for the 2017 Innovation Awards is available to download.

Download Brochure (pdf)


Member and non-member authorities are welcome to submit an application. 

Send us your expressions of interest using the form below no later than Friday 19 January 2018.


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 Winter maintenance and winter resilience services


 Street lighting
Highways maintenance services



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