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21. Time to sharpen the thinking not the pencil

With the Public Accounts Committee warning central government to sharpen up on procurement and transparency, high profile failures at Serco hitting the headlines and authorities including Liverpool reviewing their private sector partnerships, public service outsourcing seems to have reached a crossroads.

Tags: Outsourcing, procurement, Local government, partnerships, efficiency, ensuring council
22. Transforming skills in times of continuous change

Everyone knows that on top of the financial problems local government faces there is also an ever lengthening list of public policy challenges. From public health to housing, from struggling local economies to climate change, from youth unemployment to the ageing population, councils need to consider how they can deploy the resources and assets at their disposal to ensure maximum public value outcomes for years to come. This calls for flexibility and skills to respond to continuous change.


Tags: Local government, transformation, change, Public policy
23. A New Year's resolution for local government

It's time to show central government the key role councils can play in helping achieve an economic recovery.

Tags: APSE, Local government, local economies, Economy
24. Care not cuts

Attended the launch of national community meals week today at the Central Hall in Westminster. APSE’s National Chair Cllr Leon Unczur and myself wanted to show our support for a service that is coming under severe pressure as a result of the budget cuts facing local government.

Tags: Meals on wheels, local government, cuts, NACC
25. Power in your hands

Hardly a day goes by of late without headlines about gas and electricity price hikes or political rows over energy policies.


Ensuring a sustainable, affordable energy supply is a priority for councils, communities and economies and can be a way of demonstrating real community leadership. As well as needing to cut costs as major energy users, positive action can help tackle fuel poverty and carbon emissions, promote local jobs and investment and ensure a secure power supply for the future. Councils up and down the country - including Stockton-on-Tees, Dudley, Reading, Portsmouth and Southampton to name but a handful – are leading impressive energy initiatives at present.

Tags: energy efficiency, renewable energy, ensuring council, Sustainability, fuel poverty, Local government, municipal energy, Entrepreneurship
26. Local Governments Time to shine

We've all had enough doom and gloom to last a professional lifetime. So, while not shying away from the huge challenges faced by all councils, we wanted this year's annual conference to look at practical solutions that are already happening in authorities across the UK.

Tags: Local government, Northern Ireland, Reorganisation
By Paul O'Brien
27. Vesting day beckons

Over in Belfast today to chair the latest meeting of the local government reform joint forum.

Despite having a few challenging issues recently the forum continues to make good progress in negotiating all things human resources related contained within the up and coming local government reorganisation of local authorities in Northern Ireland.

Tags: Reorganisation, Northern Ireland, Local government
By Paul O'Brien
28. Time for local government to invent its own future

It was great to see a real fighting spirit amongst APSE’s membership at the annual conference at St Georges Hall in Liverpool. A number of national organisations and their representatives appear to have recently become drained of spirit about local government’s future role, almost accepting that by 2020 local government will play a minimalistic part in society and the lives of local communities. That's not a view APSE shares and it was a chance to promote our 'Ensuring Council' model.

Tags: Service delivery, Ensuring, Local government
By Paul O'Brien
29. Public health: Prevention not cure the best medicine

While there are few surprises when it comes to local government’s ability to attract the blame for issues of national significance they have had very little control over, even a cynic like myself was shocked at how quickly they became the whipping boys on public health when recent life expectancy league tables were published. 

Tags: health and wellbeing boards, Public health, local government, APSE
By Paul O'Brien
30. Developing commercialisation strategies in local government

This blog is based on my recent article published in the MJ

Never has the need for local government service delivery teams to have a commercialisation strategy been more apparent than at present.

Tags: Commercialisation, Entrepreneurship, Local Government, APSE
By Paul O'Brien

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