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Virtual Meeting Etiquette

Image of an online meeting

To ensure that the meeting runs to time, we have some gentle guidelines and tips.

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Connecting to the meeting

You will have received an email from the host which contains the following text at the bottom:

When it is time, you need to click on the ‘Click here to join the meeting’ text.

When you do this, you may be on hold for a few seconds until you’re admitted to the meeting.

If you’ve joined the meeting early, you may not be admitted until the official meeting start time.

If you’re unable to hear speakers/see the slides properly, please try leaving and and rejoining the meeting.

Should you be disconnected at any point, you can still use this link to reconnect.

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During the meeting

The toolbar is visible in the top-right of your screen on desktop and contains various options, including:

  • Mute/unmute
  • Camera on/off
  • Show/hide chat box


Image showing where the toolbar is located

To avoid creating an echo for others, please turn off your microphone using the microphone icon in the toolbar.

Image showing where the mute/unmute button is located
Image of a woman raising her hand

The Q&A Session

For everyone’s enjoyment of our networking events we would respectfully ask comments and questions to go through the chair or event moderator.

Please ask any questions through the chat box. If you cannot see the chat box, please click the speech bubble icon in the toolbar.

Image showing where the show/hide chat box button is located

If you wish to be invited to speak, please raise your hand.

Hover over the emoji icon in the toolbar to raise your hand.

Image showing where the raise hand button is located

When you do this, you will notice reactions to the left of the raise hand icon. Please feel free to use these in moderation to encourage our speakers.

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While APSE is unable to control accessibility features on software created by others (such as MS Teams) we hope the following hints and tips may assist you.

Live captions: You can switch on live captions by clicking the three horizontal dots in the toolbar to open the ‘more actions’ menu.

Image showing where the more options button is located

Although not perfect, this may help some users with hearing difficulties.

Using the camera: Although we welcome participation visually we appreciate that this is not for everyone. If you prefer not to use the camera please feel free to leave this off.

To turn on your camera, click the camera icon in the toolbar. If you hover over the icon, you will see a preview of how you appear on screen.

Image showing where the camera button is located

Comfort breaks: We will always endeavour to ensure a comfort break is provided during longer online sessions to allow you to take a break from the screen.

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APSE will be recording some events in order to produce a showreel for promotional purposes. Please note, no delegates will be featured in the showreel and the recording will be deleted.

Please do not record any element of the meeting as you need express permission from all attendees.