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Welcoming GRIDSERVE - New APSE Energy Approved Partners

Welcoming Gridserve - New APSE Energy Approved Partners

GRIDSERVE are a sustainable energy business focused on delivering solar energy and energy storage solutions for critical power infrastructure across grid power, electric vehicle power, and remote power applications.

GRIDSERVE are the 2019 UK solar power technology and market leaders, delivering over 60MWp of the UK’s most technically advanced hybrid solar projects, developed, constructed, and financed by GRIDSERVE, and acquired by Warrington Borough Council after completion. GRIDSERVE are also developing a UK-wide network of Electric Forecourts® for charging all types of electric vehicles with zero carbon energy, and with the ambition to make charging electric vehicles as easy as using petrol stations.

GRIDSERVE have joined APSE Energy to promote their work and collaboration opportunities for both hybrid solar farms and Electric Forecourts®. GRIDSERVE’s Electric Forecourt® in Braintree is set to become the first of over 100 sites, creating over 1000 jobs across the UK. Each Electric Forecourt® will deliver convenient, ultra-fast charging for all types of private & fleet electric vehicles, and is part of a £1bn UK-wide programme promoted by government and supported by world-class partners.

GRIDSERVE are experienced sustainable energy professionals with roots that started with some of the world’s first commercial deployments of solar energy and energy storage solutions over 40-years ago. With a wealth of experience and capabilities to share with local authority partners, they are well positioned to provide commercial perspectives and solutions to specific local challenges that councils face.

The continued growth of electric and other low emission vehicles is inevitable as all of the world’s major manufacturers continue to announce their commitment to electrification with multiple new electric models. This is prompting greater pressure for renewable electricity generation as well as reliable charging infrastructure. GRIDSERVE are at the forefront of these developments and there are also significant opportunities for local authorities to benefit from investing in this sector.

By working with APSE Energy, we can bring the knowledge GRIDSERVE hold to our members. Electric vehicles are in use by many councils and the numbers in local authority fleets will increase hugely over the coming years – as such there is a responsibility on officers and councillors to remain aware of how the technology is developing. Equally if there are local circumstances which mean authorities can generate energy and income, GRIDSERVE will be able to support them.  

APSE Energy has highlighted the investment that Warrington Borough Council are making in 2 solar farms in Yorkshire and GRIDSERVE are working alongside the Council to ensure they take advantage of all the opportunities the site provides which also includes plans for Electric Forecourts® at the sites.

Head of APSE Energy Phil Brennan said, “Technology is moving at such a pace across the energy agenda that it is impossible for any individual to keep up. Welcoming GRIDSERVE as a partner means we will have access to their understanding, knowledge and experience to help our members keep abreast of some of those changes. Equally, they will be better informed about how the assets they have might contribute to tackling climate change and raising income.”

Representatives from GRIDSERVE will be speaking at APSE events across the UK over the coming year. Matt Sandel, Public Sector Partnerships Director with GRIDSERVE said, “As our engagement with local authorities grows, we are looking to build on the reputation that APSE have across the sector to share knowledge and help more of them. We expect there are many potential sites in local authority ownership which they can take advantage of. Clearly they will need support from industry experts to move forward and we can supply that, based on our ongoing work with councils. At the same time we are looking to spread the word on the wider benefits of investment in sustainable energy and see this partnership as a way of doing that. We have case studies we can point to which are producing exactly what councils are looking for. This partnership will give us the chance to tell the story of those examples and help more local authorities to take a step towards making similar investments with a view to realising similar benefits.”

For more information: https://www.gridserve.com/



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