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The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below.

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Mo Baines

COM007 - Commercialisation of Information / Data Sets - 25.05.18

This authority is looking at the commercialisation of information as
part of their income generation / new revenue streams.

They would be keen to discuss lessons learned with other Local
Authorities who have already been down this road and explored or
are currently receiving income from the commercialisation of

They would be interested to hear about the approach undertaken,
markets to target and what further analysis could be undertaken to
increase the value of data sets.


COM006 - Business Acquisition - 13.04.18

A member organisation is reviewing the possibility of Business
Acquisition to form part of their commercial strategy, partly as a
means to bring in entrepreneurial skills but primarily as a means to
successfully establishing a commercial venture as part of their
operations. To assist with their review, they would be very grateful
to hear from those within other member authorities who have either
considered or enacted this approach.

If you have considered or actively pursued Business Acquisition as
a part of your Council’s commercial strategy or have any advice to
offer in respect of the idea and would be happy to discuss this
further, please drop a note to
aholcroft@apse.org.uk, with a contact telephone number and brief
details of your approach.


COM005 - Setting Up of a Shareholder Board - 20.03.18

Following a Cabinet decision, a member authority is to set up a
Shareholder board which the five companies they own will report
into, and are unsure of what documentation they would benefit from

They would be very grateful if colleagues within other Authorities
would kindly share supporting documentation, in any/all of the areas
listed below:

  • Terms of reference;
  • Format and frequency of financial reports and performance reports
  • Shareholder Board structure and appointment process(es);
  • Complaints Procedure;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • Frequency of meetings and format of meeting structure;
  • Allocation of roles and responsibilities for those sitting on Shareholder Board;
  • Procedures and processes relating to shareholder involvement in company activity (i.e., budget setting, staffing changes, dealing with under performance, strategic direction).

Any information you are able to provide on the above areas would
be greatly appreciated.


COM004 - Commercialisation and Income Generation Strategies - 19.02.18

This member authority is in the initial stages of developing a
Commercialisation and Income Generation strategy. To assist in
the project scoping stage of their work, they would very much value
sight of other local authority Commercialisation and Income
Generation Strategies and Policies, to help identify ideas and
options for their approach.


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