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Carrier bag charges - CAT0113/301111
A member authority currently uses a small brown carrier for 'tuck' lunches that are pre-ordered (grab and go) Since the introduction of the 5p bag charge in October 2011, when do you include the charge?

Cashless systems - CAT0112/281111
A member authority is seeking a new cashless system for school catering.
They are interested in finding a solution that works authority wide rather than a separate system for
each school:
  • Which system do you use (name/provider)?
  • Are you cashless systems stand-alone or networked?

Catering Query - Lifting claims - CAT0111/281011
A number of authorities have received injury legal claims in relation to lifting pots and pans within the
Do you have a policy for handling pot and pans in addition to normal manual handling policy?

Caretaking and Janitorial Service Level Agreements - CAT0110/BC0069/191011
A member authority is seeking advice and guidance in what the current and acceptable Service Level
Agreements being used within the  workplace for Cleaning and Janitation/Caretaking within Educational establishments.

Any information that can be provided on the above would be most gratefully received.

Review of Trading Services - CAT0109/BC0068/220911
A member authority would like to know if any other authorities are considering, or have carried out a
formal review of their trading services, specifically catering, cleaning, janitorial and grounds.
Any information that can be provided on the above would be most gratefully received.

Playground equipment inspections in schools - CAT0108/BC0067/150811
A member authority would appreciate information from other authorities on playground equipment
inspections in schools.
  • What criteria is used to identify/clarify what is actual playground equipment?
  • How often are the inspections carried out, daily, weekly monthly?
  • How are the inspections carried out, visual overview, individual equipment check and how recorder?
  • Who carries out this function?
  • Who is ultimately responsible?
Information on the above plus any other information that may be useful would be greatly appreciated.

Data capture from School kitchens CAT107/140711
A member authority is revamping the data it collects and the method of collection from school
kitchens. They would like to learn from others on the following points:
  • What information is currently relayed between schools and centre)?
  • How do the processes currently work?
  • What technologies are currently used? ( scanner? database? Fax? etc)
  • What problems (if any) exist in the current process?.
  • Are there plans to develop these processes and if so have better solutions been identified?
  • What are the main cost / benefits / risks involved in the chosen solution?

HACCP in Catering CAT106/060711
A member authority is seeking a simple way to understand the HACCP process for school catering (Their own is unduly complex)
They are seeking details of authorities who:
  • Have a simple HACCP system that you could share / recommend?
  • Or have engaged outside assistance and can provide details of the package or consultant?

Effect of price rises on paid school meal uptake - CAT0107/070611
Many authorities are increasing school meal prices and with the likely removal of future funding, meal
prices are likely to edge higher.
APSE is attempting to model the effect of price rises on paid uptake
This will enable authorities to correctly predict the likely effect of increases of 5, 10, 15 pence etc on
meal numbers and better budget for the year ahead.
I would like to hear from Authorities who would be willing to share their data on paid meal numbers
either side of a price rise in the last few years.

Marketing of School Meals - CAT0106/ 070611
A group of member authorities are reviewing approaches to marketing of the school catering service.
They are interested to hear from other authorities who have experience of:
  • The appointment of an external marketing specialist and associated costs
  • In house- approaches to marketing
  • The advantages and disadvantages of external v internal expertise
  • Costs associated with marketing for the service
  • Outcomes in terms of meal uptake both free and paid

Review of Transportation of School Meals - CAT0102/090311
A member authority is reviewing the delivery of school meals using production kitchens, with the meals transported to dining centres.

They are interested to hear from other authorities who have experience of the following related
  • Methods employed to transport meals
  • Charging rates of those transporting the meals e.g. school buses, taxis etc
  • Annual costs of transporting meals and the total number of meals transported
  • Tendering process for allocating the service and the criteria such as time limits and distances for transporting the food
  • Types of meals transported e.g. hot, chilled etc
  • Training requirements for drivers e.g. health and safety, food hygiene and manual handling
  • Child protection arrangements and vetting procedures
  • How value for money is measured
  • Examples of inter-organisation collaboration e.g. one LEA’s schools supplying another LEA’s schools

Janitor Job Descriptions - CAT0101/BC0063/250211
A local authority would be interested in viewing the job descriptions other authorities have for janitors
– both Primary & Secondary school.
Any assistance would be most gratefully received

On-Line payment systems for School meals - CAT0100/100211
A member authority is exploring the use of on-line payment for school meals. If you currently have an on-line payment system or are actively pursuing one:
  • Which system are you using?
  • Experiences both good and bad to date?
Transportation of school meals - CAT0099/250111
A member authority is looking at different methods of organising transported meals (i.e. To schools
without cooking facilities on site)
  • What are your current arrangements?
  • Are the transport arrangements split from the catering service?

Refurbishment of secondary school kitchens - CAT0098/250111
A member authority is embarking on a major redesign and refurbishment project in secondary schools kitchens and dining areas.
They would very much like to hear from local authorities who have had recent experience on similar
  • Can you recommend a company along with contact details?
  • What was the impact on meal uptakes?

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APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit unincorporated association working with over 300 councils throughout the UK. Promoting excellence in public services, APSE is the foremost specialist in local authority frontline services, hosting a network for frontline service providers in areas such as waste and refuse collection, parks and environmental services, cemeteries and crematorium, environmental health, leisure, school meals, cleaning, housing and building maintenance.




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