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Building Cleaning

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below.

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Vickie Hacking

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

BC0165 - Facilities Management Commercialisation - 040719

A Member Authority are keen to hear from any authorities who offer facilities management services to external partners. The Member Authority are seeking on the following areas:

• What is the client base (who takes up the service/is interested in the service) ?
• How are the services marketed ?
• What is the pricing structure
• Does the service make a profit
• What is the added value to clients
• Is there any infrastructure required in additional to pre-existing infrastructure
• Does the service cover any compliance areas e.g. asbestos management/legionella control


BC0164 - Building Cleaning Service Level Agreements - 170619

A Member Authority are currently reviewing their building cleaning Service Level Agreements. The Member Authority are seeking details on what other authorities have in place and if your authority would be willing to share the details.


BC0163 - Building Cleaning Audits - 170619

A Member Authority are currently reviewing their building cleaning audits and are seeking details on what other authorities have in place. In particular the member authority would like information on the following:-

• Frequency of audits
• Process
• Documentation


BC0162 - Janitorial Service Survey - 240419

This authority are looking for others to share a copy of their Janitorial Service Survey that they currently use. They are looking for examples so they can develop their own survey.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could share this in Word or PDF format.


BC0161 - Security Arrangements - 110419

A Member Authority are reviewing their Security arrangements and are seeking information regarding what other councils do to manage their security.

Specifically they would like to know what arrangements are in place at other member authorities in terms of using internal / external suppliers, hourly charges etc.


BC0160 - Consumable replacement times/costs - 220219

A member authority has been asked to take over the replacement of consumables within washrooms – mainly toilet rolls and hand-wash/soaps. This is a stand-alone task and not necessarily part of the normal cleaning regime.

Do you have any methods or data on:
• Times to replace?
• Standard charge?
• Formula to calculate cost?


BC0159 - Cost per square meter of office cleaning - 180119

A Member authority are undertaking a benchmarking exercise into cleaning costs. The member authority are interested in the gaining information from other councils regarding what the cost of square meter cleaned is for office buildings (general office space, toilets, stairs etc.).


BC0158 - Policy and procedures for needle sweeps and emergency cleans - 110119

A member authority would like information from other APSE authorities regarding their needle sweeps and emergency cleans.

They are specifically interested in gaining the following information:

1. What risk assessments and safe methods of work have you got in place and are you willing to share this information with us?

2. Who provided your training?

3. Are you willing to share information on your training e.g. what the level of training is, what the training involved, is there any refresher training provided and would you share training packs?

4. What staff group carry out these activities e.g. specialist mobile team, cleaning staff as and when required?

5. Are you willing to share information on your staff groups e.g. rate of pay, times and hours of work and whether you provide a uniform?


BC0157 - Legionella checks - 110119

This authority would like to know if others have full school closure over Christmas and New Year, and if so what do they do in relation to legionella checks?


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