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Building Cleaning

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below.

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Vickie Hacking

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

BC0175 - Guidelines for deep cleaning in response to the Coronavirus / Covid-19 - 110320 

A Member Authority is seeking information regarding the guidelines for deep cleaning in response to the coronavirus / Covid-19? 
For example, recommended product specifications, cleaning techniques, operative PPE / protection? 
The Member Authority would be grateful for any information other councils have that they would be willing to share."

BC0173 - Training matrix for building cleaning staff - 280220 

This APSE Member Authority are currently reviewing their training matrix for the cleaning staff and cleaning supervisors and are seeking examples of the matrix’s that other authorities have in place.

Any details that can be shared would be much appreciated.

BC0173 - Events run at the council - 270120

A Member Authority are currently conducting an event review across the Council and are seeking information regarding what other councils have in place for their events. The Member Authority are particular interesting in gaining details of the following:-

1. Do you run events at the Council, if so to what scale - how many events, approximately how many visitors, and what resources do you have available for this?
2. What are your main aims in running events?
3. Do you have a specific allocated space to run your events that is specifically set up for events?
4. Do you have sponsorship for your events that support the running of the events? If so on what scale is this sponsorship?
5. Do you receive other external funding for your events e.g. grant funding?
6. Do you staff events with staff members from across the organisation and/or do you have an events team?
7. Do you engage volunteers to help run events, if so how many and what sort of recompense do you provide for their involvement?
8. Do you use any external event management companies to help run your events? If so do you have any recommendations?
9. What support, if any, is given to external partner events?
10. What measures do you use to measure the success of an event?
11. Do you assess the environmental consequences of running events? For example do you have a policy on noise/provide recycling /provision of water to refill bottles/ promotion of reducing your carbon footprint (e.g.- active travel to events, alternative transport methods) as part of your event?
12. Have you conducted an events review and would you be prepared to share this with us?

BC0172 - Telephone interviews for Cleaners and Catering Assistants - 270120 

A Member Authority are seeking information regarding Telephone interviews for Cleaners and Catering Assistants. The Member Authority are specially wanting details on the following:-
1. Do you carry out telephone interviews for frontline posts such as Cleaners and Catering Assistants?
2. If yes, do you carry out second stage face to face interviews or recruit on the basis of the telephone interview?
3. How successful is this for the recruitment of front line staff?
4. Would you be willing to share any information relating to your procedure?"

BC0171 - Robotic floor cleaning equipment - 220120

This authority would like to know:

1. Does your authority operate robotic floor cleaning equipment in school or offices?
2. If so, would you be able to provide details of equipment types, locations utilised, etc?
3. Was your robotic provision introduced in addition to/in place of your existing staffing complement?
4. Has introduction of the equipment resulted in increased productivity?
5. Would you be willing to either share your business case and/or purchase costs, operating details, etc? If so, could you please provide your contact details:"

BC0170 - Suited lock systems for school estate – 030120 

This local authority would like to find out if any member authorities use a suited lock system for their school estate and:

1. If so, who is the provider? 

2. How is the issue of keys monitored and recorded?

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