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Target 5% Savings off Electricity, UMS and Gas Supply Contracts

Beond is a multi-award-winning energy consultancy set up to provide public sector and non for profit organisations with more choice, full transparency and significant savings against traditional PBO’s consortium offers.

Energy procurement is becoming increasingly complex, with more suppliers, more products and more carbon taxes.

Beond’s unique energy tendering software provides an unmatched level of due diligence as part of its own process, to help ensure all cost components within an energy contract are checked and minimised within the supply contracts.

Benefit from the strength of our reverse auctions as part of a bespoke tender.  Compare and analyse in our live software environment, an unlimited number of supplier offers, with multiple contract durations, featuring many different tariff structures automatically and at speed, to drive down supplier margins to a minimum.

Alternatively, we also have an OJEU approved framework agreement for purchasing against clients’ energy requirements.  This engages with 10 fully qualified major suppliers enabling us to call-off prices with confidence and deliver value to end users.  

Our framework process promises compliance without compromise and the solution can be offered as a fully managed service or as part of a software support package for in-house buyers.

In order to help expose your potential savings we use three steps:

  1. A free benchmarking exercise whereby we reverse engineer your current contract and expose hidden supplier risk premiums and margins that may be built in by the supplier.
  2. If margins are excessive we offer a pseudo trial auction that invites up to 25 suppliers to compete aggressively for your future business.
  3. If the results of the trial auction are satisfactory we then offer a formal OJEU tender which uses Beond's revolutionary PCD-15 compliant technology within your desired framework option to implement tangible savings.

The process is available for both fixed and flexible contract procurement and we offer a broad range of hedging strategies to meet with your organisation’s risk requirements.

In addition to supply contract savings we can also incorporate many value added services as part of the service.  These may include 100% green energy without premiums, zero volume tolerance contracts, complimentary risk management tools, compliance advice and complimentary bill validation and reporting.

Samples of recent savings achieved can be found here. 

Beond will be attending many of the roadshows and events with APSE in 2019 and we look forward to meeting you.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact us on info@beondgroup.com for more information.


Beond win Finance Business of The Year 2019

On Friday 8th February 2019, Beond scooped Finance Business of The Year at the West London Business of the Year Awards 2019. 

You can read about more this fantastic achievement by clicking the button below:

Business of the Year 2019



"With ever increasing budget pressures, Salford City Council has continued to remain active in exploring new routes to procurement.

Adopting Beond’s innovative pricing software in conjunction with the fully compliant OJEU tendering process has provided a substantial financial benefit (£761k savings against our consortium’s HH and UMS offers) that would otherwise not have been achieved.

This process also demonstrated a significant increase in market participants that ultimately lead to the competitive edge and I would not hesitate to recommend this technology for energy tenders."


Promoting excellence in public services

APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit unincorporated association working with over 300 councils throughout the UK. Promoting excellence in public services, APSE is the foremost specialist in local authority frontline services, hosting a network for frontline service providers in areas such as waste and refuse collection, parks and environmental services, cemeteries and crematorium, environmental health, leisure, school meals, cleaning, housing and building maintenance.






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