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Continuing to provide an empathetic service whilst managing the demands of a pandemic

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Wednesday 29 July 10.30 AM  to 12.30  PM  

Continuing to provide an empathetic service whilst managing the demands of a pandemic: 

An online event for Bereavement Services senior managers, officers and interested elected members

This event will highlight the challenges, solutions and future planning which have had to be employed, often at short notice, to deal with the current pandemic.

It will also consider how the service may need to change in the way it delivers its future services in relation to adopting more environmentally friendly approaches as well as the need to modernise many of its service offers.

The current pandemic has seen significant changes to established service delivery methodologies, and as a result has seen service managers, officers and front-line staff put under extreme pressures never before experienced. However services have risen to these challenges and through cooperation and innovation have continued to deliver quality services in the face of the Coronavirus and its deadly impacts.

It needs to be recognised that decisions which have had to be made, although sometimes unpopular with bereaved families, have been necessary to protect public health.

Therefore this seminar hopes to show how processes and solutions have been developed so that should a second wave occur, then local authority Bereavement Services will be better prepared to face the challenges of such an occurrence.


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Rebecca Morgan, Bereavement & Business Support Officer, South Staffordshire Council


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Justin Smith, Director, The CDS Group


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Peter Campbell, Burial and Cremation Manager, Sefton Borough Council


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Rachel Carline, Embalmer


COVID19 - "We will be ready next time" – How the industry dealt with the unexpected whilst having to manage expectations

Peter Linsell APSE Associate

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