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APSE Street Cleansing Seminar 2015

APSE Street Cleansing Seminar 2015

Kindly sponsored by Enevo


A major one day seminar at Aston Villa Football Club
Friday 27 February 2015


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‘A vision of the future: Where to now for Street Cleansing and Streetscene Services?’ will look at a how local authorities are having to deal with continuing service cuts by adopting innovative partnerships, using service resources and service data more effectively, engaging more actively with the public and in doing so, managing demand . The seminar will also look at how behavioural change programmes can bring about local environmental improvements which are achieved with the help of communities themselves.

This seminar will aim to identify the state of cleanliness across the country and whether the reductions in budgets are adversely affecting standards of cleanliness and customer satisfaction in some areas.  In response to such data, speakers will show how attempts are being made to address negative environmental indicators such as litter, fly-tipping and dog fouling, through the use of new technology, changing public behaviour, promoting joint working and environmental stewardship initiatives with local communities and businesses with the ultimate aim of delivering quality and cost efficient services. Through this approach, the seminar will hope to provide attendees with a vision of how street cleansing and streetscene professionals will need to embrace change in order to ensure service delivery and quality is maintained for our communities in the coming years.

APSE has brought together a wide variety of speakers who will explain to delegates how they have transformed policy into practice to achieve these changes. 

Experienced speakers will address key issues including:
•             The importance of data intelligence to help shape future services
•             The need to ensure cleanliness is equitable for all communities
•             Achieving maximum value from your assets
•             Sharing the burden of cleansing with willing partners
•             Using technology and people to maintain environmental quality
•             Managing demand in a time of increasing  public access 
•             Developing and introducing new service roles
•             Ensuring councils maintain staff safety

The conference is planned to allow considerable time for debate and questions.


What is the current state of cleansing on our UK streets?

Danielle Charman, Business Services Manager, Keep Britain Tidy

Do cuts in street cleansing services fall fairly on all?

Debbie Johns, Head of Performance Networks, APSE

Getting more from your vehicle and mechanical assets

Ady Selby, Waste Manager, West Lindsay District Council

Salford City Council Street Scene Champions, new technology and environmental quality

Mary Hyland, Customer Engagement Officer- Environment and Housing, Salford City Council

Matching Quality of Performance to your Service Resources 

Phil Gammon, Group Manager - Streetscene, Stafford Borough Council

North Ayrshire: Engage, educate: Delivering a new role for the workforce

Wallace Turpie, North Ayrshire Council

Safety measures; Litter picking and working on grass verges and roadsides

Alan Plom, APSE Associate


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