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Driver and working time regulations seminar

Driver and working time regulations seminar

The Midland Hotel, Manchester
Tuesday 17 June 2014

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At the end of 2013, the Senior Traffic Commissioner noted that she had concerns that
“some local authorities do not appear to have proper arrangements in place to ensure
compliance with the Working Time Directive”. She asked APSE to remind its members
of their obligations under the Working Time Directive and to make members aware
that Traffic Commissioners may be focusing on this in the not too distant future. As a
result APSE issued a briefing on the topic and committed to hold this event to include
the Traffic Commissioner and relevant speakers, for our members to listen and ask
questions. The purpose of the event is to provide legal and technical advice to the local
government sector on the Working Time Directive and Driver Hours Rules. This is a
topic that managers must remain up to date with and this event will be a chance to
listen to the latest guidance, raise issues, highlight problem areas and engage with
other delegates with similar responsibilities.

There is also a chance to debate the issues in the afternoon of the event through a
series of service specific workshops. This will provide delegates with the opportunity
to explore issues relevant to the service within a facilitated environment.



Beverley Bell
Senior Traffic Commissioner for Great Britain

Barrie Hall
DAC Beachcroft

Peter Richmond
Bradford MBC

Esmond Shepherd
Freight Transport Association

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