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Sports and Leisure Facility Management

Up to 15 sports and leisure facilities per authority can participate in this service. Facilities are grouped by the type of facility and the type of service provider (e.g. in-house, trust, external provider). As standard for all the benchmarking services the following data is provided:

  • Cost of service
  • Productivity
  • Staff absence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Human resources and people management
  • Quality assurance and community consultation

The following data is also provided for sports and leisure facility management:

  • Subsidy per visit/opening hour
  • Total usage
  • Customer spend
  • Catchment area analysis

Case study - East Riding of Yorkshire Council
East Riding of Yorkshire Council improved Goole Leisure Centre's operational recovery ratio by 27% between 2008/09 and 2013/14. Customer satisfaction has also increased while usage per opening hour has risen by 33%.

This has been achieved thanks to a number of measures. A service transformation agenda meant a review of centre opening times, corporate gym membership, staffing reviews, an extensive staff training programme and a creche. Customer service was improved through the introduction of Leisure Service Standards measured through APSE's annual customer surveys, along with managers' pledges for improvement, site customer forums and a 'customer journey management' approach. Developments in ITC include on-line bookings, a customer contact bar for gyms, GP referral direct online bookings and a 'leisure managers' dashboard'.

Services have been aligned more closely with the authority's corporate priorities of 'promoting health and wellbeing', 'supporting vulnerable people' and 'reducing Inequalities'. Support from elected members has led to an increased capital investment in leisure facilities across the authority area totalling £31m.

Income generation totals £8m and annual price reviews led to total price freeze in 2013. Working to a health promotion agenda has generated £370K a year for the service including GP referrals, health checks and a young obesity programme.

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