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Education Catering

This service provides a benchmark for primary, secondary, special and dedicated all age schools. As standard for all the benchmarking services the following data is provided:

  • Cost of service
  • Productivity
  • Staff absence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Human resources and people management
  • Quality assurance and community consultation

The following data is also provided for education catering:

  • Free and paid meal uptake
  • Nutrient based standards
  • Subsidy/cost based indicators
  • Meals served per staff hour

Case study - Inverclyde Council

Inverclyde Council's catering service was a finalist in both the best performer and most improved categories of APSE's Performance Management Awards 2014. The service reduced its total cost per school meal by 16% between 2008/09 and 2013/14. It also reduced the subsidy per meal by 24% and increased uptake by 16%.

No longer working with one menu across all schools, with some schools having their own menus with fewer choices, has helped reduce costs per meal. Staffing reviews have taken place across all kitchens. Staff in secondary schools now all work from a range of products which meet nutritional requirements, giving the catering manager flexibility to choose menu items that pupils in their particular school like. A cashless pre-order system, introduced in some primaries, has also resulted in a reduction in food waste.

Producing one main meal choice and using a sub station/pasta bar as second choice in many schools has had the benefit of higher uptake. Four out of five secondary schools have been rebuilt in the past three years. New dining rooms with coffee bar facilities and hub areas provide additional service points and contribute to increased use by pupils. Free school meals are also promoted at events for parents. 

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