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Building Cleaning

This service provides comparators for the cleaning of education and non-education buildings. As standard for all the benchmarking services the following data is provided:

  • Cost of service
  • Productivity
  • Staff absence
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Human resources and people management
  • Quality assurance and community consultation

The following data is also provided for education catering:

  • Square metres cleaned (offices/libraries/schools/public conveniences)
  • Cost indicators (labour/management /equipment/materials)
  • Staff turnover

Case study - Bridgend Council

Bridgend Council's building cleaning team was named most improved service in APSE's Performance Networks Awards 2014. The service achieved a 16% reduction in cost per square meter between 2008/09 and 2013/14 for all areas cleaned. It also increased the number of square meters cleaned per hour by 39% for secondary schools, 54% for primary schools and 22% for offices.

These improvements were the result of a series of measures including improved productivity following negotiations with headteachers and building managers and changes in the office cleaning system, which enabled resources to be targeted more efficiently.

Cost reductions were also made by giving anti-bacterial wipes to office staff following the implementation of 'hot-desking' so that they can clean their workspace daily if required. A review of chemicals cut costs while introducing environmentally friendly alternatives. New equipment has been purchased to enhance the range and efficiency of the service and it is being advertised in order to generate additional income.

Further efficiencies are planned in the form of 'team cleaning', which will mean a rolling programme with reduced frequency for office buildings while maintaining daily attention in high priority hygiene areas.

Performance indicators

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