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Transport and Vehicle Maintenance

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Rob Bailey.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

TVM0191 - Mobile Library Vehicle specification -05.07.17

A member authority is seeking the specification of Mobile Libraries

Please can you provide the following information ( and/or forward to
the library service please if necessary)

  1. What Make, Model and GVW of Mobile Library vehicles do you use ?
  2. What is the age profile of the Mobile Library Vehicles?
  3. What Format is the internals of your Mobile Library Vehicles, ie: shelving, racking, cupboards?
  4. Do you have IT infrastructure in the vehicles, if what IT do you have?
  5. Do the vehicles have Wifi, if so how is it connected?
  6. What security systems do you have on the vehicles?
  7. Are your Mobile Library Vehicles available for us to come and look at ?


TVM0190 - Employee benefit scheme for lease cars including ULEVs (Ultra low emission vehicles) - 13.06.17

This local authority would like to hear from other member authorities
who have an employee benefit scheme for lease cars that includes
ULEVs, specifically if yes:-

  1. When was this scheme set up and what supplier(s) is it with?
  2. How many employees do you have approximately and how many cars have been leased in the past 12 months which have been classified as ULEVs?
  3. What was the average cost of the ULEV leased by employees and how much was spent in total on ULEVs?
  4. Did your Council offer its own advice to employees on the cars and infrastructure available e.g. within the Council area or was all advice provided via the supplier?
  5. What infrastructure do you have in place? E.g. Number of charging points installed at Council work places, number of work places, and is this sufficient for the number of ULEVs generally (including both home to work and work related journeys only).
  6. Are you able to provide any processes, procedures, documentation and/ or general advice on setting up and operating a ULEV car leasing scheme under employee benefits?


TVM0189 - Route Optimization Software and In-Cab Technologies - 31.05.17

This APSE member authority is looking for information on
‘RouteSmart’ route optimization software. They are seeking
information on any authorities that have 'RouteSmart' and would like
to know:-

  • What 'in-cab' devices are used for compatibility with the system
  • What are the specifics of the 'in-cab' devices, including the operating system that you use


TVM0187 - Fleet Management Software - 24.05.17

A member authority is seeking to purchase new Fleet management

  1. What Software do you use ?
  2. Does the Software meet your requirements?
  3. Are you happy with the support offered?

Can you please advise if you use any of the modules below and if
you are happy with them:

  • Vehicle inventory / Asset list
  • New vehicle purchasing
  • In house Workshop functions
  • Stores, stock, imprest and non stock
  • Finance, integration.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling
  • Vehicle Hire and pool issue
  • Bar Coding, all areas
  • Dashboard
  • Touchscreen for Technicians
  • Mobile Technicians, Real time jobs, sat nav.
  • Report Writer for doing own reports

Are you happy to be contacted by the member authority? If so please supply:

  • Telephone 
  • Email
  • Site Visit?


TVM0186 - Delivery options on fleet and transport services - 12.05.17

This APSE member local authority is undertaking a number of
service reviews as part of larger departmental change programmes.

We are currently looking at fleet/transport management functions.
Specifically they would welcome information on the management of
fleet and transport functions: -

  • How do other public sector organisations manage their fleet/transport functions. If available please provide organisation structures and job descriptions if possible for these functions.
  • How do you allocate drivers to vehicles? Is this a fleet/ transport management function, or do managers in operational units supervise and allocate drivers to vehicles?
  • Where within the council do the fleet/transport functions reside eg do they sit within a department that is a largest user of vehicles or not?
  • Any additional information that a participating member feels would be relevant to include in relation to the above questions would be appreciated.


TVM0185 - Red Diesel - 12.05.17

  1. Does any authority use red diesel in their compact or sub compact road sweeper fleet?
  2. If yes, how long have they done this for?
  3. Do they have any documented proof that this is acceptable to HMRC? If yes (or no) can they provide a copy or link to this?
  4. Is your compact fleet registered as “O” license, or engineering plant?


TVM0184 - Use of Red Diesel - 04.04.17

A member authority is keen to maximise the use of Red Diesel
where permitted.

Please can you detail the types of vehicle and equipment in which
you use Red Diesel and importantly where they are used?


TVM0183 - Vehicle checks on buses/ cars contracted for mainstream schools - 04.04.17

A member authority would be grateful for feedback from colleagues in relation to the following questions:-

  1. Does your Local authority carry out any vehicle checks on buses / cars contracted for mainstream schools?
  2. If yes what is the frequency of inspections?
  3. What type of inspection is carried out full inspection / walk round check etc?

TVM0182 - Vehicle types suitable for narrow-access properties - 22.03.17

A member authority is finding their domestic collection fleet for
kerbside recycling is not fit for purpose for very narrow access

To help them review their fleet, they would be grateful to any who
would be happy to share with them what vehicles they use for very
narrow access properties and who supplies them and any
comments on their suitability for narrow access properties.


TVM0180- Driver Infringement - appropriate action - 27.02.17

A member authority is keen to source information from other
authorities about the procedures they follow in regard to the most
appropriate action to be taken when drivers are found to have
contravened authority policy, drivers hours, vehicle / legal
requirements etc.

Please can you share a copy of your procedures and the
infringements to which they relate.



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