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The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Rob Bailey.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

SL0192 - Leisure Centre Staff Qualifications - 06.07.17

A member authority is reviewing qualification levels of staff within
their leisure centres

They would welcome information on the qualification levels required
(if any) for the following staff:

  • customers service officers
  • duty managers
  • staff with front line management responsibility for the operation of the building.

Do You require duty managers for leisure facilities that have a
swimming pool to have a RLSS National Pool Lifeguard
Qualification or equivalent?


SL0191 - Swimming lesson cancellation procedures -06.07.17

A member authority has suffered a number of incidents where
children have vomited in the pool.

This has resulted in them having to cancel and refund subsequent
swimming lessons.

  • What policies and procedures do organisations have in relation to such incidents?
  • Please share your approach to dealing with such incidents?


SL0190 - Maximising Daytime Leisure Centre Usage - 22.05.17

A member authority is seeking to maximise daytime leisure centre

Have you attempted any of the following to encourage greater usage?

  • Changes to opening hours
  • Different types of classes or engagement with other organisations
  • Review of membership packages and pricing

What was your experience and what outcome was achieved?


SL0188 - Web Based Sports Pitch Booking Service - 13.04.17

A member authority is seeking to set up a web based booking
service for the provision of sports pitch permits.
Ideally the system would allow leagues/clubs to book pitches, is
visible to the public on-line and generates an invoice.

  • Do you operate such a system for sports pitch lettings?
  • Were there any issues in establishing the system?
  • Please share the web-address if appropriate.


SL0187 - Sports Bookings Process [UNC] - 31.03.17

A member authority is looking to upgrade and review its online
booking system for sports pitches and courts
Please can you provide information on the following points (all
relating to sports pitches and courts hire)

1. How do you administer VAT exempt bookings, more specifically

  • What do you qualify as VAT exempt and what checks (if any) do they have in place to ensure customers fulfil their requirements
  • Is the benefit passed on to customers directly?
  • If the answer to the above is no, do you instead offer block booking discounts or similar incentives (please specify exact details)


2. How do you handle refunds, more specifically

  • Are refunds offered? If yes, what is your notice period or other requirements (i.e. unsafe playing conditions/ poor weather etc.)
  • Should a cancelled or refunded booking invalidate a VAT exemption, how do you process this and communicate to customers (i.e. retrospectively raise an invoice for the now applicable VAT etc.)

3. How do you handle credits, more specifically

  • Are credits offered? If yes, what is your notice period or other requirements (i.e. unsafe playing conditions/ poor weather etc.)
  • Can existing credits be used to offset existing invoices in addition to being applied to future bookings


SL0186 - Performance Related Pay in Leisure - 14.03.17

A member authority is looking at the options for introducing
Performance Related Pay (PRP) within their Leisure services

They are keen to hear from other authorities who have implemented
such a system.

Please provide outline details of your own PRP system.



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