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Roads and Street Lighting

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Rob Bailey.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

RH0273 - What is included in your hourly rate build up costs? - 21.07.17

A member Highways Authority is seeking to benchmark their
approach for calculating the ‘hourly rate build up costs’ for staff in
Highways Construction.

To help with this, they would be very grateful if you could please put
a ‘x’ in the boxes below next to those costs included in your
calculations and forward your response to

If there are any further costs you include, not listed in the table
below, please state within your response. Further, if you have an
example of your costing formula you would be willing to share, this
too would be greatly appreciated.

O Pension contribution
Stationary costs – printing, materials, postage
National Insurance contribution – employee and employer
Communications – mobile phones, land lines
Travel & subsistence
Leave R ecruitment costs - advertising, interview expenses, removal
Support services
Equipment including ICT (maintenance and software licences),
Protective clothing, plant,
ICT Support
Financial services
Legal Services
Management salaries
Areas of non productive work
Insurance (employee, buildings & plant, misc)


RH0271- Policies for Developer use of In-house Highways Design and Construction services for Section 278 and Section 38 works - 13.07.17

Currently, our Council does not insist that Developers use the
Highway Authority’s in house design and construction services for
delivering Section 278 and section 38 works.

To help review this approach, it would be helpful to gain an
understanding of the policies adopted by other local authorities,
through your responses to the following Yes/ No questions, via email
to aholcroft@apse.org.uk.

Section 278

Does your Highway Authority require all Developers to:

  • Commission the Highway Authority to carry out the design for all S278 projects? Y/N
  • Give the Local Authority first refusal to design S278 projects? Y/N
  • Commission the Highway Authority to carry out the construction for all S278 projects? Y/N
  • Give the Local Authority first refusal to construct S278 projects? Y/N

If yes to any of the above please outline the justification for this or supply a link to your policy.

Section 38

  • Does your Highway Authority offer an in-house design service for S38 projects? Y/N
  • If so, is this limited to highway infrastructure? Or does this offer extend to private infrastructure? Y/N
  • Does your Highway Authority offer an in-house construction service for S38 projects? Y/N
  • If so, is this limited to highway infrastructure? Or does this offer extend to private infrastructure? Y/N

If yes to any of the above please outline the justification for this or
supply a link to your policy



RH0270 - Managing weather emergencies - 07.07.17

A member authority wishes to consult with other LA in respect of
how they manage their response for action due to severe weather
conditions. They are particularly interested in the following

  • Do you have a Severe Weather Plan to deal with the response to calls for action due to severe weather i.e. flooding and storms? If Yes would you be prepared to share any documentation?
  • How does your LA operate it’s Severe Weather response
  • service in regards to operational staff? Rota System, Shift Patterns, Sub-Contractors or ‘Other’ (please specify)
  • Could you confirm the payment system for standby? Fixed Monthly, Standby plus hours worked, All-inclusive/honorarium or ‘Other’ (please specify)
  • What Plant and Vehicles do you have to deal with responses to Severe Weather i.e. pumps, jetting systems, chainsaw, sweepers etc?
  • Do you have a system or plan for recovery following severe weather conditions?
  • What training is required for your operational staff to enable them to deal with Severe Weather responses i.e. chapter 8, first aid, chainsaw, HGV?
  • Who are the teams involved with your LA that respond within Severe Weather conditions?
  • Do you test your processes for dealing with Severe Weather conditions and if so in what way and how often?


RH0269a - Recruitment of Highways Locality Officer - 19.06.17

Locality Officer role. Which is in addition to the Councils Highways
Inspectors (Brief details given below).

This role is focused on reactionary intervention to allow the formal
highways network inspections to be carried out without becoming
delayed due to dealing with other functions.

As such this role is part highways inspector and part grounds
maintenance inspector and enforcement action.

They are now looking to recruit to this role from agencies.

They are interest in which agencies authorities use to recruit to roles
such as this.

Job Purpose:

To play a key role in collaborative working with other internal &
external stakeholders specifically Engineering Services, Community
Safety, Waste, Public Protection, Highway & Transport Services,
Parishes and Contractors in order to improve quality & delivery of
neighbourhood services in the locality.

To ensure that the Council fulfils its duties under the Highways Act
(HA), Environmental Protection Act (EPA) by undertaking technical
work and carrying out routine and ad-hoc inspections, monitoring,
surveys, liaison, engagement, positive intervention, enforcement
and work instructions.

To ensure year round highway network and environmental services
and standards are compliant within the Borough.

· Section 154 (Highways Act) - addressing vegetation
encroachment and all other enforcement activities including mud on
road, obstructions, illegal modifications, visibility issues, nuisance etc

· Dealing with in hours and out of hours emergencies including
Road Traffic Collisions, flooding, oil, diesel, other spills, adverse

· Appropriate Rights of Way maintenance

· Winter Maintenance Technician duties and responsibilities
including rota cover, monitoring and site inspections to determine
conditions and advise on appropriate service actions, grit bin
management and co ordination of snow wardens

· Undertake visual tree inspections on all trees within and
adjacent to the adopted highway


RH0268 - Marches & Rallies on the public highway - 23.06.17

A member authority is seeking advice on policy & procedures in
respect of the provision for marches and rallies on the public

They are aware of Police powers but their focus is on the
preparations that local authorities should make:

  • Do you differentiate between a ‘march / rally’ and any other ‘event’ on the public highway?
  • What criteria do you use?
  • What documentation needs to be provided by the organiser, (in particular risk assessments and public liability insurance)?


RH0265 - Winter Automated Salting, Data Recording and Live tracking Systems - 24.04.17

A member authority is seeking a route management and automated
salting system.

The system should enable the driver to concentrate on the process
of driving, and not be unduly distracted by the salting operations.
Ideally any driver should be able to take out a gritter without prior
knowledge of the route, follow the navigation and deliver the salting
operations safely and effectively .

Please can you advise how you have approached each element:

  • live tracking
  • data recording
  • route navigation
  • automated salting

What has been your experience?
Were any problems or difficulties encountered with installation or in use?


RH0264 - Local Service Plans - Extreme Weather Events - 30.03.17

A member authority is seeking to extend their traditional Winter
Service Plan and make it more adaptable to all kinds of events.

These may include:

  • Localised flooding
  • High winds
  • Prolonged snow/freeze events.
  • Etc.

Have you extended your plan to cover this type of event?
Please can you send a copy?


RH0263 - Highway Incident Policy - 27.03.17

A member Authority would like to know if any other Authority has a
highways incident policy and also a manual for highways inspectors,
who are called out to manage highways incidents and emergencies
in and out of hours that they would be prepared to share.


RH0261 - Fast Fill solution for gully tankers - 13.01.17

A member authority is currently working on moving the gully
cleansing service from their Environment and Neighbourhoods team
to the Highways and Transportation team.

They are looking at efficiency measures to try and improve the
service and are considering installing a fast fill solution for their gully
tankers. This will involve using a pumped water system to fill 2 or 3
tankers simultaneously in 15 minutes as opposed to the one hour fill
time from the domestic supply.

They would be interested in hearing from any authority that has
either installed or are considering installing such a system.



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