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Refuse and Street Cleansing

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Wayne Priestley.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

RSC0945 - Formulating trade waste charges - 12.02.18

A member authority is enquiring how other local authorities
formulate there trade waste prices each year, and what factors are
considered in order to get to the final price.

Also if any authority has been challenged by the private sector in
regards to the commercial selling of bins and prices charged.


RSC0944 - Drivers mobile usage policies – 30.01.18

A member authority is currently in the process of updating their
policies surrounding mobile telephone usage for drivers of their
refuse collection vehicles and street cleansing fleet.

They wish to know if members have switched over to hands-free
technology, and has that switch brought about an improvement in
communication and response times?

They would also like to know what guidance is offered to drivers
about the use of hands-free devices while operating a vehicle.


RSC0943 - Smartphone bin apps - 30.01.18

A member authority is investigating the use of smartphone bin apps
and would like to hear from any authority that is using one to tell
people when to put their bins out and how to recycle.


  • Which app do you use or do you have a function within your corporate website that gives people information?
  • What are the costs of the app?
  • What does the app do?
  • Any other useful information


RSC0942 - Recycling contamination in flats and communal areas - 24.01.18

A member authority is looking to gain information from other
authorities regarding contamination in flats and communal areas.

They currently use brown wheeled recycling bins for a co-mingled
collection and are looking mainly at authorities that use the same
service with regards to comparable information, in particular:

  • What procedures do you have in place with regards to tackling contamination in flats and communal areas?
  • Do you provide the residents with a different form of collection in flats/communal areas to tackle the problem, if so what container/bag?
  • How do you tackle vulnerable people (Residents with dementia etc) in flats/communal areas that contaminate?


RSC0941 - Age profiling of workforce - 24.01.18

A member authority would be interested to know whether any other
authorities have done any age profiling of their waste and recycling
workforce and whether they could share the results.


RSC0940 - Fleet Management Systems - 22.01.18

A member authority is considering Replacing Tranman with Jamma
Fleet Management Software system.

They would be interested in other authorities experience of using
this software, including development support from the company.


RSC0939 - New road and path sweepers - 10.01.18

A member authority is looking to invest in a new path/road sweeper
and was interested in what other authorities are using or would
recommend, in particular they would like feedback on

  • Running costs
  • Performance
  • Downtime for breakdowns
  • Area covered for operations and frequency of its use
  • Any other information that would of relevance to make a decision on purchase


RSC0938 - Spillage of mud on roads - 10.01.18

A member authority is enquiring as to how other local authorities
deal with farmers following spillage/mud on the highway after


RSC0937 - Sponsorship of street furniture - 08.01.18

A member authority would be interested in reading about the
experiences other local authorities have had in establishing
arrangements regarding the sponsorship of litter bins, benches or
other street furniture.

They are interested in any examples of successful schemes.


RSC0936 - Street cleansing income - 080118

A member authority is looking for Street Cleansing information
regarding the following issues:

  • Do you generate income to support the street cleansing budget – yes or no?

If yes how much?



  • Do you expect to exceed the budgeted amount and if so by how much £?
  • What services do you offer to generate this income?


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