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Cemeteries and Crematoria

The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below. 

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Wayne Priestley.

Network queries from previous years are available on the links at the bottom of the page.

CEM057 - Burial cost information – 01.02.18

A member authority is looking for burial cost information from other
local authority members in order to assess its own costs and
performance, in particular:

  • Grave digging team make-up – e.g. number of operatives, no. of mini-diggers/ tippers.
  • Hourly rate for the team
  • Time taken to dig, prep and fill in graves – preferably for different depths (e.g. 4’6”, 6’, 7’6”, 9’)
  • How many graves dug per year
  • Do they hand-dig for natural burials and if so can they provide any information on digging, prep and filling-in for these graves.


CEM056 - Operating hours for burials/funerals - 01.02.18

A member authority is currently reviewing their burial services.
They are looking for information regarding the current practices of
other local authority-run cemeteries with regards to what their
working hours are in which burials take place, and also the latest
time funerals are allowed to to take place.


CEM055 - Cemetery machinery - 09.01.18

A member authority is enquiring as to what Machinery other
Authorities use to dig Graves (JCB etc) and what they found useful
or useless, fantastic or good, etc.

They would also be interested in the types of machinery used for
general Cemetery operations, e.g. off road trucks etc) John Deere
Gators or similar.


CEM054 - Backfilling of graves by families - 09.01.18

Following a recent burial, all the burial furniture and grave shoring
were irretrievable as the family backfilled the grave and wouldn’t
allow the cemetery staff near the grave to remove anything.
Therefore the enquiring authority is enquiring whether other local
authorities allow families to backfill a grave following a burial.

Therefore they would like to ask the following questions:

  • Do you allow families to backfill graves
  • If family are allowed to backfill the grave do you ask for an indemnity or disclaimer from the funeral director that they will instruct and supervise this and also cover against injury and loss of equipment
  • If shoring or other grave furniture is lost while family are backfilling is this cost then passed onto the funeral director or the family
  • Do you require risk assessments and method statements from funeral directors with regards to moving coffins from the hearse to graveside
  • If you shore a grave and leave the shoring the grave when backfilling what type of shoring do you use



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