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BC0146 - School Janitors - 24.07.17

This local authority would be grateful if other local authorities could
provide information on the following Question regarding Janitors :-

  1. Do you have full time janitors working between schools i.e one janitor between two schools. If so could you please share details on the janitorial service model?


BC0145 - Implementation of a work scheduling system - 21.06.17

A Member Authority are currently looking to implement a work
scheduling system which will involve Northgate, servitor, Kirona
DRS and then sending appointments through civica mobile and are
interested to hear from other member authorities who are also using
these systems.

  1. Technically, how do the 3 systems talk/interface with each other?
  2. How do appointments get raised?
  3. Do any council’s currently use civica web services?


BC0144 - Benchmarking Software - 27.10.17

A Member Authority is seeking information in relation to the
software that other member authorities use for benchmarking and
costing the cleaning of building. The Member Authority would be
particularly interested in gaining details of how other authorities rate
the system they use and if they would be prepared to discuss the
software with another authority.


BC0143 - Contracts for window cleaning & close/communal stairway cleaning - 15.06.17

This local authority would like to know if any other member
authorities are contracted to carry out window cleaning (both
internally and externally) and close/ communal stairway cleaning. If
so what units are cleaned (i.e Primary schools/offices), how
frequently are they cleaned and how an efficient route to determine
when the windows/closes are cleaned was designed.
Any other relevant information on window cleaning and close/
communal stairway cleaning would be greatly appreciated.

BC0142 - Building Cleaning Audits - 08.06.17

We would like to know if any local authorities carry out building
cleaning audits. If so can you explain what software is used to carry
out audits. If no software is used, what processes are in place to
ensure audits are carried out.
We are looking to carry out audits that will include not only
cleanliness standards, but also include if the correct equipment is
being used, if health and safety manuals are present and chemicals
are correctly labelled, etc


BC0141 - Cleaning and Janitorial Lone Workers - 26.04.17

A member authority is seeking information in relation to Cleaning
and Janitorial lone workers.
In particular they are interested in following:-

  • What methods or systems do you have in place to monitor and record when your lone workers start and finish on-site?
  • Out of core working hours, if one of your lone workers required immediate assistance, do you have any supervisors, team leaders or managers that are on call and would respond?
  • For communication purposes, have your lone workers been provided with any hand held devices? e.g. mobiles, pagers or personal alarm panic buttons etc.
  • Are there any other methods or systems that you would consider implementing that would reduce the risk for your lone workers onsite?


BC0140 - Maintenance of cleaning machinery - 24.03.17

This local authority would like to know:

  1. What arrangements do you have in place for the maintenance of cleaning machinery?
  2. Do any Local Authorities use a fully outsourced cleaning equipment solution? If so, how successful is this?


BC0138 - Risk Management & Safe Working for Soft Facilities Management Services – 07.03.17

This local authority would be grateful if other member authorities
would be willing to share any handbooks/ guidelines they have in
place relating to risk management and safe working practices for
their Soft Facilities Management Services (Catering/ Cleaning/


BC0137 - Equipment/ asset inventory for all facilities (Schools/ Offices) 03.02.17

This local authority would like to ask other member authorities:-
If they have conducted an equipment/asset inventory for all facilities (Schools/Offices etc)? If yes

  1. How was this completed?
  2. Did you use any specific software, or was there any other process undertaken for gathering this information?
  3. How is the asset register maintained and updated with old/new equipment?

Any other relevant information regarding this subject would be greatly appreciated.



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