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The latest network queries circulated for this service are listed below.

If you would like more information about any of these queries or want to submit a response, please email Rob Bailey.


BC0121 - CCTV / Alarm / Security service for council tenants – 141215

This Authority has recently developed a Category 1 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). From the ARC, the Authority delivers a CCTV, door entrance and ‘remote’ concierge service to residents of the Council’s own Housing stock in the first instance as a security and community safety initiative. 
The Authority has ambitious business development targets to offer these existing services as well as developing  new Lone Working, Key Holding, Intruder Alarm, Environmental Alarm, First responses services to a wide range of internal (schools, operational departments) and external (private customers, RSL, Police, etc.). 
They would like to hear from other authorities regarding the following:-
•         how they have developed income streams around these services detailing the specific service types, including any packages
•         copies of any SLAs that are in place
•         charging and pricing strategies for providing these services, either individually or as part of a package
•         information on the best way to identify business leads for the service including payment models
•         any advice about setting up and development of the wider service

BC0120 - 2-day cleaning detail / specifications within non-school buildings - 081215

This member authority has been tasked to look at 2-day cleaning within non-school buildings as a budget saving option.
If you could provide any detail (and if possible a copy of your specification) on 2-day cleaning within your authority, this would be greatly appreciated.

BC0119 - Client Liaison and satisfaction - 301115

A member authority is reviewing the way it liaises with clients and determines customer satisfaction
They are interested to know: 

  1. How do you liaise with clients? Face to face, phone, Skype etc and how often? 
  2. How do you test client satisfaction and at what level? Formally, informally, using external agents and by which means?
  3. At what level do you liaise and test satisfaction, i.e. Who is the customer? A user of the building, the site manager or service manager level?

BC0118 - Calculating budget for consumables in bus stations - 041115

This local authority would like to hear from other member authorities in terms of how they calculate their budget for consumables (hand soap, hand towels and toilet rolls etc) in bus stations?
Any information you are able to provide would be very much appreciated, and will be shared with all who respond.

BC0117 - Crisps that conform with the nutrition act and Food for Life standards - 271015

This member authority is looking to find alternative crisp products to Walkers Lite crisps that conform with the nutrition act (Nutritional Standards 2007) and Food for Life standards (i.e. without monosodium glutamate). If you could also provide the range of flavours they are available in, this would be helpful.

BC0116 - Combined Staffing Structures - 201015

A member authority is seeking to bring together catering and cleaning within a combined management structure
They would be interested in examples from other authorities of the management and staffing structures adopted.
Please forward copies of your structure.

BC0115 - Asset Management of Cleaning Equipment - 201015

An APSE member local authority is currently looking at different ways of managing their electrical cleaning equipment assets (such as vacuum cleaners, scrubbing machines etc). They would be grateful for information on the following:
What systems do other authorities use in the way of monitoring and recording of:
•         Machine type
•         Serial number
•         Location
•         Repair history
Do any authorities use:
•      GPS locators - if so what make & model is used and cost associated to purchasing?
•      RFID identity tags – what are the pros and cons of using this system?
•      PDA remote device for repair operative use – what are the benefits of using this system? 
•      Do any authorities have a ‘complete package’ they may have purchased and if so, what is it and how cost effective have you found it to be?

BC0114 - Window Cleaning Service - 021015

A member authority is looking at the viability of starting a Window Cleaning Service for Schools and Council Offices using a Pole System
They would like to hear from others who operate of buy in such a  service
·         How is it priced - per hour or per window?
·         Are there any pitfall to be aware of?
·         What is the current cost  (or what do you currently pay)?


BC0113 - Cleaning Supplies - 290915

A member authority is reviewing their chemical & equipment ordering procedures and seeking the following information:
•        How do cleaning staff request cleaning materials (this includes chemicals and equipment (machine floor tools and bags))?
•        If cleaning staff do not order materials, who would be responsible for this?
•        How are materials distributed, i.e. from a central store or from a supplier direct to site?
•        How often are materials requested, i.e. regularly (monthly, 2-monthly etc) or as and when needed?
•        Is material usage monitored and if so, how is this done?


BC0112 - Cleaning equipment maintenance services - 240915

A member authority currently uses three different suppliers for their vacuum and polishing machine repairs
1 for repairs, 1 for PAT Testing and 1 for moving and scrapping
They are currently considering either:
·         employing our own technician to do all 3 jobs or;
·         hiring machinery in favour of buying it out right.
What provision do you have for maintaining your cleaning machines for these services?


BC0111 - PVG / DBS Checks on Cleaners - 170915

School cleaning hours are largely outwith school times with cleaners having very little, if any, contact with children. 
A member authority continues to carry out a PVG (Enhanced DBS) checks on all cleaners but is experiencing long delays in the process. 
•         Does your local authority continue to carry out PVG checks on school cleaners?
•         If not can you confirm how you have justified this?
•         If you continue to carry out the PVG check, can you share any suggestions/ processes that you use to ensure the procedure is carried out as quick as possible.


BC0110 - Building Cleaning Productivity and Quality Measurement - 310815

A member authority is reviewing their building cleaning activities for schools and public buildings
·         How do you measuring the productivity of your in-house cleaning services
·         Do you use technology to calculate and programme your cleaning activities
·         Do you use the same system to measure quality and performance?


BC0109 - Building Cleaning Management software - 260815

A member authority is keen to secure a software system to manage their building cleaning operations
What software do you use to cover the following: 
·         Clockings
·         Holidays
·         Sickness
·         Payroll
·         Overtime calculations
·         Allocation of work
·         General staffing information.


BC0108 - Cleaning of Brass - 210815

A member authority is keen to find a more efficient and less time consuming method for cleaning brass in their town hall
Please can you supply your best way to cleaning brass
Including information on:
·         Cloths used
·         Cleaning agent used
·         Any preventative measures used


BC0107 - Housing Void Cleaning - HBM0316, 180815

The Cleaning Service of a member authority is seeking to bid of that Authority’s Housing Void work 
They would like information on the following:
1.       Any specifications or SLA’s for void cleaning 
2.       Approximate time taken and cost for 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedroom properties
3.       How the properties are priced
4.       The method of operation
5.       The vehicles and equipment used
6.       Staffing structure - full time, part time, casuals etc.


BC0106 - Cleaning Support Packages - 220515

Some Schools and Academies are employing cleaning staff directly, but buying management support packages from the local authority cleaning service
This may include:
·         COSHE & Health & Safety
·         Staff cover
·         Caretaking cover
·         Other services
If you currently supply similar services as a support package to schools, please can you share:
·         Services included
·         Copy of typical SLA/contract


BC0105 - Formula for allocating janitorial hours to primary and secondary schools – 090415

This local authority would like to ask others:

What is your formula for allocating janitorial hours to primary and secondary schools?


BC0104 - Legionella – 010415

A member authority is reviewing its procedures in relation to Legionella

Please can you share your procedures for the following:

Safe system of work regarding legionella:
·        on the return to work of cleaning staff after school closures
·        when undertaking cleaning of void/vacant properties.


BC0103 - Cleaning Products – 270315

A member authority is reviewing its cleaning product usage

Please could you give details of the cleaning products / suppliers you utilise across your Authority

For example:
·         Multi-Purpose Cleaner
·         Disinfectant
·         Toilet Cleaner/Descaler
·         Floor Maintainer


Promoting excellence in public services

APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit unincorporated association working with over 300 councils throughout the UK. Promoting excellence in public services, APSE is the foremost specialist in local authority frontline services, hosting a network for frontline service providers in areas such as waste and refuse collection, parks and environmental services, cemeteries and crematorium, environmental health, leisure, school meals, cleaning, housing and building maintenance.




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