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Housing, Construction and Building Maintenance Seminar 2013

Hinckley Island Hotel, 10 and 11 October 2013


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The environment within which housing and building maintenance services are being delivered is changing rapidly. This seminar will enable managers and councillors with responsibility for these and related services to keep up to date with developments and to learn from the experience of others in the sector.

All involved in service delivery will be impacted by the changes in welfare reform, HRA management and increasing demand as well as many other factors. We will hear from speakers on a number of topics within the context of the seminar theme of ‘Changing times – new approaches’. It will address
the context for improving housing and building maintenance services currently and into the future, the wider issues which influence how the service is delivered and some of the variety of individual elements within it.

Speakers from DCLG and DECC will provide information about the wider welfare reform and ‘warmth for all’ agendas, the thoughts of Government, priorities in the near future and policy developments around future standards, tenants and resources.

Speakers from a number of local authorities and housing providers will look at the operational issues of delivering a building maintenance service, highlighting good practice, describing problems encountered and the solutions put into place. The popular approach of concentrating on case
studies will continue and the description of how issues are addressed within specific organisations by managers with similar experience and responsibilities to the audience will remain as an appropriate method of interaction between the speaker and audience.

Experienced speakers will talk about topics such as

• Government policy and context
• Managing demand and assets
• Improving financial management
• Green Deal
• Building Information Modelling
• Waste management
• New approaches to training and apprenticeships
• Behavioural Change in health and safety
The 2013 Apprentice of the Year awards will also be held at this event


Presentations from the event:

Alan Millward.pdf

Jennifer Litts.pdf

Andrew Mapstone.pdf

John Graham.pdf

John Lorimer.pdf

Mark Henderson.pdf

Matthew Neal.pdf

Ross Grieve and David Cockayne.pdf

Phil Nash.pdf

Elizabeth Wood.pdf

Gareth Brown.pdf

Gareth John and Llyr Gruffydd.pdf

Mhari Lockwood.pdf

Richard Davidson and Rebbecca Dermody.pdf



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