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1. Outsourcing at the root of too many upheld bin collection complaints - a response

The recent report by the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, ‘Lifting the lid on bin complaints’, has reignited the debate around outsourced services and whether local government gets value for money from such contracts.

To my mind what the report highlights is the disconnect that can sometimes take place between the council, the contractor and the service user, when a contract is outsourced. Just because a service is outsourced it doesn’t mean that the public don’t think that the council isn’t responsible for it or should have democratic oversight of the service and when they complain they expect their issues to be addressed by the council and blame them if there is a slow response, rather than the contractor.


Tags: Outsourcing, contract management, Local democracy, Accountability, Procurement, De Montfort, Insourcing, APSE
2. Contract management - time for action, talk is cheap

The recent Public Accounts Committee report on contract management made for interesting reading over the holidays with some important lessons for local government contained within it.


In launching the Committee's findings, its Chair, the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP, pointed to the fact that £90bn of taxpayers' money is spent each year on the private sector supplying public goods and services. She quite rightly stressed that, with this amount of public money at stake, it is vital that the highest ethical standards are practised by contractors.

Tags: contract management, Outsourcing, public accounts committee, Performance Management, Insourcing, core capacity, APSE
3. Lifecycles of public sector markets

Speaking at a recent European conference on remunicipalisation of public services set me thinking about the lifecycles of markets and how they can go full circle.


I was asked to give a presentation based on APSE’s research publications into why so many UK local authorities, of all political persuasions, are insourcing services on a significant scale. This has accelerated significantly over the past five years and the main factors cited are usually value for money, poor customer satisfaction levels and a failure to deliver on promises that contractors had made.

Tags: Renmunicipalisation, Insourcing, public sector, markets, APSE
By Paul O'Brien
4. Insourcing Bradford’s Education Services

I recently met with colleagues from Bradford Council to discuss how they had been involved in Insourcing the City’s Education Services from Serco. 1,300 staff were transferred back to the authority in July this year from a £53m per annum contract.

Tags: APSE, Insourcing, Bradford
By Paul O'Brien
5. In or out

Spoke this morning at a conference at the QE11 centre in London on Outsourcing and Shared Services - except I spoke about the failings of outsourcing over the past twenty years in England and why so many authorities are now insourcing services. I have got to say I was pleasantly surprised that the audience were very receptive to my message and the nine key lessons if still outsourcing services which I mentioned.

Tags: APSE, Outsourcing, Insourcing, Suffolk, Third Sector
By Paul O'Brien
6. London Calling

Busy couple of days in London, where I attended a couple of conferences and had several meetings.

The first event was 'The Public Sector Efficiency Expo', where I almost seen Francis Maude outline the coalition Government's policy on Public Services.

Tags: Efficiency, APSE, Sustainability, Green Jobs, Insourcing
By Paul O'Brien
7. Stick to the plan!

'Streamlining the Public Sector' is the title of the Guardian Seminar I have been asked to speak at today. They have asked me to speak in a section of the conference billed as a debate on 'insourcing versus outsourcing'.

Tags: continuous performance improvement, insourcing, Outsourcing, Outsourcing
By Paul O'Brien
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