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Performance Networks Training

If you have recently joined Performance Networks or would like some help on how to complete the data templates, we offer free data completion training. This training session helps in both understanding the performance networks reports and activities as well as more technical training on completing the data templates. Download a flyer here to find out more. 

We currently have the following dates scheduled for 2018, please click here to download the data completion training booking form:

  • 15th May 2018 - Hamilton
  • 17th May 2018 - Oxford
  • 30th May 2018 - Manchester
  • 12th June 2018 - Hamilton
  • 20th June 2018 - Manchester
  • 27th June 2018 - Cardiff
  • 25th September 2018 - London


Once you have completed and submitted your data you will receive the full suite of APSE reports. At this stage you may wish to learn a little more on how to use the data and reports you have received. To assist with this we have data usage training sessions available, again these are free of charge. Click here to download more information and to book a session.


Performance Networks Members Portal

Promoting excellence in public services

APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit local government body working with over 300 councils throughout the UK. Promoting excellence in public services, APSE is the foremost specialist in local authority frontline services, hosting a network for frontline service providers in areas such as waste and refuse collection, parks and environmental services, cemeteries and crematorium, environmental health, leisure, school meals, cleaning, housing and building maintenance.




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